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Ready, Set, Go: Competing in the Global Wholesale Distribution Race

Wholesalers are faced with several hurdles in keeping up with the rapid pace of today’s dynamic marketplace. These challenges include the volatility of customer demands, poor visibility into the supply chain and the inability to meet demanding delivery times. Download this white paper to learn how companies such as Life Interiors and Eco Technology stay competitive in an omnichannel marketplace.

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How to Pick an Inventory Management Solution That Scales With Your Business

During the startup phase, distributors focus on launching their business, building market share and creating sustainable business models. But once these “early stage” challenges are behind, distributors should think about scaling up and expansion. Having the right inventory management solution allows distributors to flex and adapt quickly regardless of market conditions to set them up for the next step of expansion.

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Using Data to Establish Price Points and Protect Profit Margins

Facing the challenges of B2B online selling, the role as “middleman” and increased competition, distributors can no longer afford to overlook or guess at an effective pricing strategy. The secret to a consistent, effective pricing strategy? Data. Download this white paper to understand how to leverage data from your systems to establish the right pricing to protect your company’s profit margins and boost your bottom line.

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Not Your Grandfather’s Shop Floor: Modern Manufacturing Trends in the NetSuite Database

Manufacturing companies of today look very different than manufacturing companies of even 10 years ago. From the internet of things and robotics to custom designed products and lean principles, manufacturing is evolving at warp speed. Gone are the days of legacy systems and manual processes in the manufacturing world—now is the time for progress, exploring new technologies and embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Download this white paper and learn more about best practices among modern manufacturers as they position themselves for success in the face of key industry trends.

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Unifying Financials and Inventory: Going Beyond Accounting for Business Growth

Many startups often invest initially on a simple financial system like QuickBooks, only to add an inventory management system later. These separate systems create inefficiencies and require manual reconciliation from your employees. The result is added expenses and long-term risk to your organisation. Download this white paper to understand how moving from disparate financial and inventory solutions to NetSuite’s unified cloud solution can eliminate risks and save time and money.

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When Is the Right Time to Switch from Rudimentary Accounting Software to Full Fledged Cloud ERP?

Inventory management is a key challenge to businesses of any size, and poor management can have both obvious and hidden costs. Knowing the point at which inventory control is in jeopardy, and when it’s time to move to a new system, is one of the most critical decisions faced by a growing company. The signs are there, yet, it’s a juncture that is frequently misjudged. In this report, learn the six signs your inventory is outgrowing your accounting software.

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From Wholesale to Web-Shop: Wholesale Distribution for the Digital Era

The wholesale industry is one of the most innovative in Australia, but its focus must now fall upon digital disruption to customer channels and processes. Adopting ecommerce can give wholesale distributors the best of both B2B and B2C worlds – but only if their technology platforms are up to double the usual task.

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B2B Commerce: Going Beyond Online Shopping

Succeeding at B2B commerce takes more than an attractive website. Companies need to create sites that engage with business customers and help them quickly find the products they need to save time and do their jobs better. Read how NetSuite can help retailers, manufacturers and distributors in Asia Pacific offer an appealing B2C-like experience to meet customers' expectations.

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The Supply Chain Implications of E-Commerce Integration

Australians have spent up big on online shopping in the past five years, with online spending increasing at a compound annual rate of 20–30 percent. This report explores market trends, examples and tactical initiatives to help you decide on an ecommerce strategy that suits your business. Learn how to successfully integrate online channels with physical supply chains based on three key strategic drivers centred on customer, flexibility and visibility.

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The Growing Importance of the Web for Australian Manufacturing & Wholesale Businesses

Australian manufacturing and wholesale distribution sectors are lagging behind in ecommerce adoption, with only 10 percent of companies currently able to receive orders directly over the Internet. This white paper examines the opportunities the web presents to manufacturers and wholesalers to build closer relationships with the end customer. Learn how embracing cloud computing technology can help overcome strategic and operational challenges with a web presence, and enable businesses to remain relevant, competitive and grow profitably.

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Rethinking Business Model Design for Distributors

In this exclusive EBook, read the transcript from Saul Kaplan, founder and Chief Catalyst of the Business Innovation Factory, about how distributors should be rethinking their business models and the importance of innovation.

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Wholesale Distribution EBook

This comprehensive EBook provides an overview of NetSuite's offering for wholesale distributors including customer videos, key features and benefits and additional resources about how NetSuite can help your Wholesale Distribution business.

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Conquering the Inventory Dilemma

In this analyst whitepaper by Chainlink research, get insight into key strategies for running leaner, more efficient inventory operations. This report features secrets for success from IPICO, a global high tech manufacturing and distribution company, and Upper Playground, a progressive retailer for urban lifestyles.

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NetSuite Ecommerce to Suite or Not to Suite

In this analyst whitepaper by Cindy Jutras, , Ecommerce: To Suite Or Not To Suite, discover how the NetSuite ecommerce system is evolving into an integrated commerce platform, called Commerce as a Service, that can drive innovation and growth across multiple channels and devices.

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Is it time to Purchase ERP

In this analyst whitepaper by Cindy Jutras, find out when is the right time to consider ERP replacement and why switching ERP systems shouldn't be thought of as brain surgery.

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ERP for the SMB

What makes an enterprise solution—ERP—different from other technology offerings? Today there are so many software categories that users can often be confused about what they need to buy. This is especially true for small and emerging businesses that are on a growth curve and are struggling with many IT decisions. Your ERP choice should be made according to your core business strength: Look for the best-in-class capability for the most critical element of your business. In this report we will align these core needs to the capabilities of the ERP solution provider.

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ERP in Wholesale and Distribution

In this new Aberdeen Group whitepaper, look at how ERP is giving leading wholesale distributors a quantifiable edge over competitors. Based on an industry survey, Aberdeen analyses how ERP helps wholesale distribution leaders slash operating costs by 17% and achieve inventory accuracy and on-time shipments of 95% or more.

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Demand Planning: Optimise Inventory Management and Streamline Supply Chain Processes

As a wholesale distribution company, you continuously strive to grow your business and maintain a differentiated position in the market while delivering great value and service to your customers. One of the keys to being successful is to ensure that you are balancing inventory levels against your carrying costs and customer satisfaction through effective demand planning. To help you further understand and evaluate the business case for demand planning, NetSuite is pleased to provide you with this research from Gartner on the Business Case for Demand Planning.

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Cloud Enables High Velocity Growth

The opportunity for differentiation and high growth in the wholesale distribution industry has never been greater. How do wholesalers ensure they can take advantage of the opportunities in today's marketplace? In this exclusive whitepaper by ChainLink Research learn how high-growth wholesale distributors are using cloud ERP to power their business, gain breakthrough efficiencies and seize competitive advantage.

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Analyst Insights: Cloud ERP

In this new publication featuring recently released research from Gartner, you can evaluate whether NetSuite cloud-based ERP can provide the efficiency, productivity and price-performance your wholesale distribution business requires to grow. This expert perspective helps position how cloud ERP fits within the broader wholesale distribution ERP landscape.

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Nucleus Research: Independent Evaluation of NetSuite Wholesale and Distribution Customers

When Nucleus examined wholesale and distribution customers using NetSuite, analysts found it enabled them to improve reporting and increase efficiency. Customers said NetSuite had helped them to improve margins, increase customer service and satisfaction, and reduce costs.

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W-D For the 21st Century

The wholesale distribution industry thrives on speed and efficiency—not on managing disconnected IT systems for finance, order and inventory management, ecommerce and more. This independent white paper from ChainLink Research provides details about how cloud computing gives wholesale distributors and light manufacturers integrated business management software, accessible anywhere and anytime through a web browser.

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Wholesale Distribution Industry Research: NetSuite-sponsored market analysis

NetSuite sponsored a research project to survey fast-growing and mid-market wholesales and distribution businesses, to identify businesses' top business priorities, key goals, definition of success, and overall optimism towards 2012, the results are captured and reported in this informative benchmark study.

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The Benefits of Integrated Business Management Software for Wholesale Distributors: Overcoming the Barriers of Stand-alone Business Applications

Addressing the mish-mash of disconnected applications is the first step a wholesale distribution company can take to gain better control of its business operations and increase the efficiency of those operations. This NetSuite white paper on growing businesses looks at the value of a single integrated suite of software in providing significant advantages to the business, accommodating the breadth of the company's business processes, while providing the flexibility for even small companies to tailor the suites to meet their specific business needs.

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