Distribute and discover SuiteCloud applications and customisations

What is NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform Application Distribution?

NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform Application Distribution is a core component of the SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF) that provides an efficient way to package, deploy, update and advertise NetSuite applications developed in-house and by ISV partners. The SuiteApp Marketplace and SuiteApp.com feature hundreds of certified third-party and NetSuite-built applications that deliver extended or specialised product functionality to power growing businesses.

Reliable and Efficient Deployment Processes

DevOps teams have full control over a streamlined workflow that ensures every application and customisation a company selects has been validated and includes all dependent components for reliable delivery of custom functionality.

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NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform Application Distribution Benefits

  • Robust Delivery. ISV partners and in-house developers depend on SuiteCloud to ensure reliable and efficient distribution of packaged custom functionality to target destinations.
  • Developer Control. Manage your application lifecycle using command-line interfaces (CLIs) and IDE-centric controls familiar to developers and IT teams.
  • ISV Friendly. SuiteCloud enables ISV partners to publish NetSuite applications to a consumer-like SuiteApp Marketplace for customer discovery, download and upgrade.

NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform Application Distribution Features

Easily distribute custom assets using SuiteCloud lifecycle management tools and technologies that reliably provision customisations from a central location to your destination of choice.

Partner Ecosystem

NetSuite supports an active global partner ecosystem that develops applications designed to meet a variety of customer needs, from vertical-industry-specific functionality to connectivity, financials and more.

Application Marketplace

A rich catalog of SuiteCloud applications created by NetSuite and ISV partners in the SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) are available for you to discover, try out and acquire at the in-product SuiteApp Marketplace or online at SuiteApp.com(opens in new tab).

Integrated Distribution

Cloud distribution capabilities are fully integrated with SuiteCloud technologies ensuring that that custom applications are seamlessly and securely distributed to customer accounts and the SuiteApp marketplace.

Project Validation

Before deploying and distributing customisations or applications, developers can use SDF to validate all aspects of their projects, including file dependencies, object definitions and structure — and catch errors before going live.

Software Control Centre

SuiteCloud provides a centralised environment to manage the distribution of applications and packaged customisations to accounts. ISVs can also use the Control Centre to publish and manage availability of their products to end customers from the SuiteApp marketplace and SuiteApp.com(opens in new tab).

Customisation Objects

Developers can use the SuiteCloud framework to define, package and distribute translatable XML-based objects that represent any custom NetSuite element such as a record, user role, email template, navigation item and more.


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