Integrated Front-Office, Back-Office and Business Productivity Applications

NetSuite and our SuiteCloud partners provide complete integration between NetSuite and Google Apps, enabling you to take your entire business to the cloud—front-office, back-office and business productivity applications.

By combining NetSuite business management software and powerful Google Apps messaging and collaboration tools, your business can increase user productivity, accelerate business processes and improve visibility—all through a web browser. Such features as single sign-on, calendar integration and contextual information make it easier than ever to access and manage financials, customer information, performance dashboards, documents and emails in the cloud, with no more servers, databases or back-ups to manage.


  • Increase user productivity with single sign-on between Google Apps and NetSuite
  • Track customer and prospect communications by attaching Gmail communications and any attached documents to NetSuite records
  • Ensure everyone is aligned by synchronising between NetSuite and Google Calendar
  • Drive user productivity by providing deep contextual customer and transactional information from NetSuite directly in Gmail
  • Provide key NetSuite information right on user desktops with Google Desktop integration.

Key Features

Use Single Sign-On from Google Apps to NetSuite

  • Easily click through from Google Apps to NetSuite without having to sign in to NetSuite, using NetSuite's support for OpenID SSO standards
  • Improve collaboration and productivity by enabling users to link to NetSuite transactional information directly from Gmail
  • Ensure secure single sign-on with OpenID standards and flexible role-based permission models.

Get Contextual NetSuite Information Inside Gmail

  • Take user productivity to the next level with the Google Apps Gmail Integration for Netsuite
  • Update incoming quotes, sales orders and other NetSuite records directly in Gmail
  • Automatically look up key data in NetSuite and click through to NetSuite based on Gmail message content
  • Easily configure NetSuite records to be exposed in Gmail. Watch how NetSuite integrates with Gmail

Keep an Audit Trail by Attaching Gmails to NetSuite Records

  • NetSuite SuiteCloud partner Celigo makes it easy to tie your Gmails to your NetSuite customer or opportunity information
  • Using the inline NetSuite gadget inside of your Gmail application, simply select the NetSuite record to attach the Gmail communication and your communication is tied back as a permanent audit trail to the record
  • Contextual integration makes it easy to select the right information in Netsuite to attach the email chain to.

Manage Schedules with Seamless Calendar Synchronisation

  • Easily stay on top of your schedule with Celigo Google Calendar Sync for NetSuite
  • Sync calendars between NetSuite and Google Calendar automatically to manage schedules more efficiently
  • Save time with bi-directional calendar updating between NetSuite and Google Apps
  • Flexibly choose which calendar to use at any given time.

Heighten Visibility with Google Desktop Integration

  • Bring your NetSuite calendar to Google Desktop with the Celigo Google Desktop Calendar Gadget
  • Gets alerts on upcoming events either as pop-up windows or audio alerts
  • Highlight events in progress, with the ability to click on an event for details.

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