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A growing business often places demands on your business accounting software that you never planned for. Suddenly you find yourself sitting on a pile of business systems and battling creeping IT costs. And MYOB can't keep up.

With over 1 million Australian and New Zealand companies using MYOB, you're not the only one facing this issue. Thousands of businesses arrive at a similar crossroads every year. Timing is everything: if you replace MYOB too early, then you may end up with more software than you need right now. But if you wait too long, you could end up struggling with inefficient business processes that could actively damage your business performance and prospects for future profitability and growth.

At what point do the costs to the business of maintaining MYOB—and the other systems it requires to function—outweigh the benefits of keeping it in place? When is the right time to make the move to an MYOB alternative solution?

Here's when:

It's Too Hard To Find Out What's Really Happening Across Your Business Right Now

  • You're wasting time playing "Hunt the Spreadsheet"
  • Your management reports are prone to errors, or are out of date
  • Simple MYOB reports take an unacceptable amount of time to run or print
  • You can't get a comprehensive view across all of your businesses units

Too Much Time Re-Entering and Reconciling Data across Systems?

  • Paper trails of sales orders, manual order entry and invoicing
  • Incorrect customer information resulting in customer dissatisfaction
  • Slow and disjointed approval processes
  • Financial consolidation simply takes ages
  • Sales forecasting and budgeting processes rely on too much guesswork

Losing Sales Because You Can't Get Information Fast Enough?

  • Customer service fails because agents don't have up-to-date info
  • Stock never seems to be where customers want it
  • Customers and vendors can't self-serve information on the website
  • You can't easily collect and filter customer info for sales campaigns

Doing More of Your Accounting Outside of MYOB Than in It?

  • Finance staff members are using several different applications to do their jobs
  • It's too difficult to add new sales channels, product lines or locations
  • You can't adapt fast enough to changing business conditions

Too Much Time Worrying About Technology Instead of Business Results?

  • You keep on putting off upgrades and improvements because of the cost and disruption
  • You're constantly worrying about backups, server failures, malware and data security
  • The time it takes before you see a return makes you nervous of investing in new technology
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