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Which Level of Support is Right for Your NetSuite Solution?

Gabrielle Guglielmelli, Product Marketing Specialist
May 1, 2020

Implementing an ERP system can be overwhelming for a first-time user. With any new technology deployment, users will need assistance addressing issues that may pop up or architecting solutions for future business process enhancements.

For example, an in-house administrator might miss out on staying up to date with the latest product releases due to other workplace constraints. That was the case for Lisa Marie Hadley, who serves as both NetSuite administrator and vice president of finance at LRWGreenberg, a consumer research and data consulting services firm for small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. After the company went live on NetSuite in 2014, it decided to upgrade from NetSuite’s Basic to Premium Support to access assistance after business hours and then to Advanced Customer Support (ACS) Optimise.

Working with an ACS Customer Success Manager (CSM), LRWGreenberg optimised its dashboards and reports within the first month and then charted out a NetSuite solution improvement plan for the next six to 12 months.

Before the aid of ACS Optimise, the firm’s billing schedule required back and forth communications and needed a solution that told its members in the finance department when it was time to invoice and what to include inside of those invoices. The team’s invoices were sent intermittently, causing the business to miss important due dates.

With a customisation, LRWGreenberg’s finance department was now able to cut out 10 lines of revenue details with a standard billing PDF, creating an invoice that was flexible and easy to understand as a customer-facing document. Automated workflows with customisable search fields also meant LRWGreenberg could better navigate its purchase order processes.

Now LRWGreenberg’s project managers can create an invoice in one step.

"We were able to eliminate the manual processes that were getting in the way of our success with NetSuite,” said Hadley.

NetSuite offers a variety of SuiteSupport options. They include:

Basic Support. Customers gain access to the SuiteAnswers portal which includes a comprehensive knowledge center of support articles, help topics and training videos.
Premium Support. Provides additional assistance and increased prioritisation, including telephone support during business hours and 24x7 assistance with critical issues to ensure users are running smoothly.

Advanced Customer Support (ACS). Takes businesses from reactive to proactive, keeping NetSuite at an optimal level instead of reacting to issues when they occur. Since ACS actively monitors a solution’s performance and is forward-looking to new enhancements, organisations are equipped to maximise their return on investment as they continue to grow and change. It has five tiers.

ACS Advise. The entry-level ACS offering. It’s available to businesses that are just getting started on NetSuite. Advise has access to a shared pool of NetSuite specialists to provide businesses with basic product guidance, system troubleshooting and limited configuration execution.

ACS Monitor. For established organisations seeking simple technical and functional support, Monitor includes more hands-on execution for product-centric activities. Monitor includes a designated functional consultant to assist with business solution activities to ensure key milestones are accomplished on time. Businesses receive an initial review at the beginning of the service to outline areas for improvement and an annual review thereafter to ensure that milestones are met.

ACS Optimise. Gives businesses solution management, performance assessments and expert guidance on new product upgrades and business process optimisations. In addition to a designated CSM, Optimise also includes an assigned support team to provide a deeper and more proactive engagement. The CSM will conduct annual business reviews to ensure continuous alignment with specific business goals.

ACS Architect. For enterprise corporations with complex international or subsidiary configurations. Architect provides comprehensive support with a senior CSM, continuous annual business reviews and a named team of expert technical and functional resources.

ACS Platform. Delivers a set of technical advisory services designed to identify and mitigate performance and scalability risks commonly associated with large data volumes or complex customisations. Platform support can assist during the initial partner- or professional services-led NetSuite implementation as well as for ongoing infrastructure optimisations.

Learn more about how SuiteSupport and Advanced Customer Support help organisations ensure success with their NetSuite solution.

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