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GA Technologies Builds a Real Estate Solution for the Future

Tom Hansford, Content Specialist
May 7, 2020

Founded in 2013, GA technologies has changed the real estate market in Japan. The business provides an end-to-end real estate solution, using digital platforms and online services to facilitate property sales and rental property management. It has brought a modern approach to the sector and, while its competition still largely relies on phone calls and face-to-face meetings, GA technologies can do just about everything digitally.

So, as soon as social distancing restrictions were introduced in Japan, GA technologies found itself perfectly positioned to support customers.

“We have seen a 120% increase in demand for our services since COVID-19. People who wouldn’t have considered us in the past are now keen to use our array of digital technologies as they look to buy, sell or rent properties,” said Hiroshi Tabuki, CMO at GA technologies.

Not only has the business seen a surge in demand, it has found that many customers are also more engaged, reducing lead times. “With everyone working from home, it’s easier to get in contact with people and they are more responsive, so things are happening faster,” he added.

Safe As Houses

In addition to its established online businesses, GA technologies has also been able to leverage its new ‘3D Contents Preview’ feature. Launched in February 2020, the online tool gives users an experience comparable to artificial reality (AR), meaning buyers, sellers and renters can “see” a 360-degree view of properties. 

“People can ‘walk through’ digitally, so they can get a feel for a place and a real understanding of its dimensions, all while sitting safely at home,” said Shin Fukushima, project manager at GA technologies.

The launch of the new feature has proven timely for the business, coinciding with government instructions for people to stay at home. “It’s a safe and effective way to view properties. Instead of looking at 2D images with a description of the place, users can experience a 360-degree view, helping them build a picture in their mind of exactly what they’ll be buying or renting,” Fukushima said.

Model Home

GA technologies has had great feedback from renters and buyers since launching 3D Contents Preview. Because the tool details exact measurements of properties, it allows users to immediately start planning how they could use the space and what furniture would fit where. In Japan, where space comes at a premium, this is proving priceless.

“In Japan, rental properties don’t come furnished, so this tool is extremely useful. If people are moving to Tokyo from outside the city, they can rent a property, order the furniture they need, and get it delivered on the day they move in. This can all happen without ever stepping foot inside,” Fukushima said.

The response from sellers and salespeople has also been really positive. Information is everything when people are making a big decision. And there aren’t many bigger decisions than deciding where you want to live. Customers who are selling properties and letting agents have said the tool has made the sales cycle faster. 

Positive feedback isn’t the only datapoint that’s encouraging. Website dwell time has doubled since introducing 3D Contents Preview, with some users staying on the site four times as long as before. 

Making Renovations

The future is exciting for the team at GA technologies, and it’s preparing to expand the 3D service, so it’s available for all properties. The business is also focused on using data to create a better experience and drive the business forward.

“We want to improve customer experience by developing a more complete service,” Tabuki said. “Because our service is almost entirely online, from clicking an ad to viewing properties to providing all the necessary documentation, we have a lot of data at our fingertips. By understanding where users stall or drop off, we hope to create a rich and totally seamless end-to-end service that’s fast and effective.” 

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