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Your global enterprise is moving fast—adding more subsidiaries, growing via mergers and acquisitions and expanding across borders. But SAP deployments at corporate headquarters make it impossible for your IT department to keep pace. The result: fragmented ERP with limited visibility, slow financial consolidation, and increased compliance and reporting risk.

NetSuite enterprise cloud ERP helped enterprises like Xerox and Knowledge Universe's finance and IT organisations rapidly deploy 50%+ faster and optimise operations across subsidiaries and international offices, and is backed by NetSuite's customisable cloud platform and enterprise-grade infrastructure.

Benefits for Finance

  • Instant Visibility
  • Local Accounting Compliance
  • Real-Time Global Consolidation
  • Rapid Subsidiary Standardisation

Benefits for IT

  • Eliminates Costly ERP Upgrades
  • One Complete Cloud Platform
  • Rapid Deployment Speed
  • Increased Agility
  • Doubles IT Efficiency

Benefits Realised by our Enterprise Customers

  • 50% savings in IT costs compared to on-premise ERP
  • 90% implementation complete on budget
  • 50%–70% reduction in operations cost
  • 10% implementation effort vs. typical ERP

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The World's #1 Cloud ERP for Enterprise
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"NetSuite is the most successful ERP suite SaaS provider operating in terms of active customers, international presence and functionality offered across the product."