Data Management

Protecting Your Most Important Asset

NetSuite's data management policies and infrastructure provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your data is completely replicated, backed up and available whenever you need it. Businesses powered by NetSuite enjoy reduced risk with enterprise-class data management processes and policies.

NetSuite provides multiple levels of redundancy to ensure you get continuous access to your data, and replication and synchronisation across data centres provide you with the utmost disaster recovery confidence.


  • Get data management processes for your business's most important data, previously only affordable by the largest enterprises
  • Benefit from reduced risk to business continuity by having your data stored across multiple data centres
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is automatically replicated and backed up all day, every day
  • Know that you'll always get seamless access to your data with NetSuite's elastic scale.

Key Features

  • Redundancy
    NetSuite's infrastructure incorporates multiple levels of redundancy to guard against failure

    Redundant systems automatically assume processing without any interruption should any application server or network component fail.

  • Disaster Recovery
    Data in the primary data centre is replicated and synchronised across data centres

    The Data Center failover process and automation are tested and audited for success on an ongoing basis.

  • Hot Backups
    All production data is stored immediately to redundant locations

    Hot backups give NetSuite the ability to restore your data rapidly and reliably.

  • Offsite Backups
    All data is automatically backed up and stored offsite

    Backups are stored offsite in a secure location and safeguarded against almost any environmental conditions.

  • Scalability
    NetSuite supports more than 24,000 organisations with billions of customer requests per month

    NetSuite's data centres are designed to accommodate surges and spikes in usage, and to scale to address increased volume and transactions.

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