Application Packaging and Distribution: SuiteBundler

Package and Deploy SuiteCloud Applications and Customisations

SuiteBundler makes it easy for partners and customers to package and deploy customisations and applications built on the SuiteCloud platform. Whether a NetSuite customer moving customisations from a sandbox environment to production or an ISV or SI looking to package industry or domain expertise for distribution to end customers, SuiteBundler lets you easily bundle groups of customisations, manage versioning and deploy customisations nearly instantaneously.

ISV Benefits

  • Easily distribute NetSuite-based solutions to end customers
  • Rapidly package commercially available applications by selecting from a host of custom objects
  • Version management makes it easy to roll out new versions of applications to end customers.

Customer Benefits

  • Easily move customisations from sandbox to production environment
  • Manage customisations effectively by packaging them up quickly and easily
  • Simply move customisations between NetSuite accounts.

Key Features

  • Package Custom Objects Together Rapidly
    Bundle* Builder provides an easy three-step graphical assistant to select and create bundles

    Select and package elements such as user roles or custom tabs, database elements such as custom fields and custom records, SuiteScript application development elements and more

    Install either customisation bundles that are a group of custom objects, or configuration bundles that package setup or preference settings.

  • Distribute Customisations Using a Variety of Deployment Options
    Set SuiteBundles as private, public or shared

    Easily prototype and install selected customisations using private bundles

    Make applications available to all customers of NetSuite with public bundles

    Commercially distribute applications to specific NetSuite accounts using shared bundles

  • Powerful Models to Install Bundles
    Install directly from the bundle's development account to a target account with direct bundle deployment

    Deploy a version of the bundle to new customers, while enabling development of a newer version of the bundle using Repository Deployment

    Deployment accounts use a dedicated account for deploying bundles, ideal for ISVs that must support currently deployed bundles while simultaneously developing subsequent versions.

SuiteBundle and SuiteApp are the same thing and we use the term interchangeably on our site

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