Ongoing Support for Maximum Performance

Programmes and solutions to maintain and sustain your solution

You have standardised on NetSuite, the world’s No. 1 cloud business suite, joining the growing number of companies moving to the cloud to focus on their business strategy instead of their IT infrastructure. While lower costs, easier upgrades and seamless access to integrated data were among your reasons for selecting NetSuite, this new way of managing business applications, IT services and delivery models can present unique challenges post-deployment.

How can you ensure that the solution continues to meet your business needs? How can you make your solution scalable as your business continues to grow? NetSuite has created a full suite of resources that addresses these types of questions, ensuring success with your solution, while accelerating ROI and mitigating risks.

Key Benefits

  • Managed service to ensure the Value Gap is minimised.
  • Knowledge assistance for:
    • Solution coordination
    • Business advice
    • Functional insight
    • Technical leverage
    • Single point of coordination for all needs
    • Available assistance for entire lifecycle, depending on desired investment
Data sheet: NetSuite Support Services

Data Sheet NetSuite
Support Services