Global Business Management in the Cloud

NetSuite OneWorld is Australia's most-deployed cloud accounting/ERP solution for global businesses. Manage multiple subsidiaries and business entities all from a single web-based ERP system to improve financial consolidation and visibility, while seamlessly handling local currency, tax, legislative and market requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Instant real-time visibility across your operations from corporate to subsidiary
  • Multiple levels of financial and operational consolidation for robust management
  • Multi-currency, multi-tax, multinational intelligence capabilities to drive global growth
  • Flexible customisation to meet corporate and subsidiary needs
  • Rapid, cost-effective deployment for every business unit and geography.

Key Features

  • Global ERP

    Effectively manage your back-office operations across multiple local and international sites with multi-currency, real-time financial consolidation that simplifies collaboration and compliance across your entire business.

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  • Global CRM

    Improve global sales effectiveness and gain real-time visibility into every aspect of your CRM, even with multiple languages and currencies—including marketing campaigns, sales opportunities, forecasts, customer service and partner management.

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  • Global Ecommerce

    Drive growth in global ecommerce channels with streamlined and automated multi-language, multi-currency and multi-country capabilities to help B2B and B2C companies run and manage multiple web stores from a single NetSuite system.

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  • Global Services Resource Planning (SRP)

    Enable your global services business to effectively manage the complete services lifecycle end-to-end—from opportunity management, to project management, through to project accounting, billing, and renewals—with real-time visibility at the subsidiary, geography and corporate level.

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  • Global Business Intelligence

    Make smarter, faster business decisions with NetSuite OneWorld's sophisticated real-time reporting from corporate to subsidiary, with the ability to drill down into detail, and enterprise-wide key performance indicators.

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