Global ERP

Manage Your Business Operations Globally and Locally

NetSuite OneWorld helps global mid-market organisations address the complexities of managing back office operations across multinational and multiple business entities. NetSuite OneWorld offers your business the ability to adjust for local currency, taxation and legislative differences, with regional and global business consolidation and roll-up as required. Get unprecedented real-time visibility into your multiple sites and operations worldwide, ensuring consistent, compliant management across the enterprise.

NetSuite OneWorld helps your company grow by driving finance and operational efficiency, real-time visibility and consolidation, and providing flexibility for customisation to corporate and subsidiary needs, all from a single cloud-based ERP system.


  • Multiple levels of consolidated reporting with automated currency rate updates ensuring reports accurately reflect currency conversion
  • Significantly reduce time to financial close with real-time management and financial automation capabilities
  • Reduce costs by staffing back-office operations centrally—or in low-cost locations—so the same employees can handle operations across multiple subsidiaries
  • Global order management and sourcing allows you to manage inventory and fulfilment across multiple locations with product items represented globally or by each subsidiary
  • Simplify tax management across borders with multiple tax schedules for local taxes across subsidiaries, GST, VAT, consumption tax or general sales tax, and more
  • Gain unprecedented worldwide visibility into operations with role-based dashboards and "drill-down everywhere" instant insight across the corporate hierarchy of subsidiaries
  • Manage beyond financials to cover all aspects of the business in real-time with local, regional and global metrics
  • One single database for unparalleled integration, providing a repository of all your worldwide business data, eliminating the need for multiple data warehouses or disparate data sources at each local site.

Key Features

  • Global Accounting and Financial Consolidation

    NetSuite OneWorld delivers global accounting and ERP capabilities that provides multi-currency business consolidation of financials and real-time roll-up across accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, inventory, billing, invoicing and order fulfilment from local operations, to the regional office, to global headquarters to help you achieve business-wide visibility and sound financial management.

  • Multi-Currency Control

    NetSuite OneWorld supports multi-currency management to streamline your financial and sales processes, including quota management, forecasting, quotes and orders, and commissions, across multiple entities. Equip your finance departments with the ability to maintain all currency exchange rates—both the local currency conversion rate and the rates used to determine roll-up into corporate currency—at the time an order is placed or the commission payout is made, to ensure the accuracy of historical sales data.

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