Human Capital Management

Realise the Full Potential of Your Company's Most Important Resource

While maximising the value of your company's most important resource, its workforce, you also need to minimise the cost and time spent by your human resources team on managing it. Additionally, to support your growing organisation, finding a more efficient, cost-effective enterprise human resource management software solution is critical to administer your growing, diverse and dispersed workforce.


Streamline Human Capital Management (HCM)

Get end-to-end human capital management capabilities to streamline processes and increase efficiency by tightly integrated HR, recruiting, talent management, time accounting and payroll.

Enhance Employee Productivity and Satisfaction

Improve employee and management visibility and retention by providing self-service functionality and managerial approval workflows that allow employees to perform, and track, many transactions themselves.

Minimise Payroll Headaches

Reduce payroll administrative costs and overhead, and improve payroll accuracy, with NetSuite's complete payroll management capabilities.

Motivate Your Sales Teams

Drive strong performance from your sales representatives by aligning their performance with rewards and powerful incentive management.


Core Human Resources Information System (HRIS)

A modern human resources management system that provides complete, intuitive, integrated core HR capabilities that helps you streamline the entire employee lifecycle from hire to retirement.

Incentive Compensation Management

NetSuite provides an easy-to-use incentive compensation solution to address the challenges of creating and maintaining complex multi-tiered commission plans.


Using the Cloud to Manage a High-Performing Workforce
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What Customers Are Saying

"NetSuite's payroll integration makes it easy. Other companies will try to sell you something that doesn't connect with you system and requires separate servers, but with NetSuite, accounting and CRM are tied together. Competitors can't do that. Now I don't worry about software, IT or updates, and to me, that's priceless!"
—Neil Levitt
CEO, I.D. Me Promotions

1"No Penalties Guarantee." NetSuite guarantees that your payroll taxes will be filed and paid accurately and on time, as long as the information you provide is correct and timely and you have sufficient funds in your account—or we will pay the resulting payroll tax penalties. See details in the Electronic Service Agreement.