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While corporate strategy helps determine the long-range vision for your company, the business environment is constantly changing, which impacts your current operations. NetSuite's financial planning solution provides flexible, "what-if" financial modelling capabilities to help companies meet their budgeting and ongoing forecasting needs. Model and evaluate different financial scenarios to set targets for your annual operating plan, in a bottoms-up or top-down manner, and then analyse the variance between actual and projected results to manage business performance.


Reduce Planning Cycle Times

Collect inputs and assumptions, review iterations and present consolidated results in a timely manner.

Improve Forecast Accuracy

Compare and analyse actual versus projected results regularly to refine forecasts.

Align the Organisation

Centralise your budget with forecast and actual information in one place, providing a single version of the truth.

Timely Information and Insight

Drill across budget, forecast and actuals to see the impact on business performance.


Flexible Modeling

Create and consolidate driver-based plans with customised data entry sheets and reusable formulas and allocation methods using proper assumptions.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis

Provide self-service and easy-to-use reporting across the company.

"What-If" Analysis

Compare and evaluate different "what-if" scenarios between actuals and projections—and update forecasts as needed during the course of business.


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