End-to-End Lifecycle Management for Plant, Property and Equipment

NetSuite Fixed Asset Management provides you with an easy-to-manage, single version of the truth for your fixed assets. It enables you to maintain and control the complete lifecycle across depreciating or non-depreciating assets from creation to depreciation, revaluation and disposal. NetSuite Fixed Asset Management supports detailed asset management, including maintenance schedules and insurance, while providing tight accounting integration so that your fixed asset information is always presented accurately on the financial statements.


Flexible Depreciation Management

Depreciation scheduling using any of the available standard methods (e.g., straight-line, fixed declining, sum-of-the-years-digit, etc.).

Workflow Management

Integrated workflow capabilities to support the asset lifecycle from asset purchase to retirement, end-to-end.

Fixed Asset Rollforward

Out-of-the-box asset summary reporting to show beginning balances, changes during the period and ending balances.

Integrated Financial Reporting

Drill-down capabilities to see the underlying detail from the financial statements to the related fixed asset transaction.

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