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NetLedger is hot at the ASP Market 2000 Conference

WHAT: NetLedger Inc., the breakthrough application service provider (ASP) that allows millions to run their small businesses totally online, announced today that its vice president of business development, Jodi Maxson will speak at the ASP Market 2000 conference. Her topic covers Web-based business management applications for small businesses and the importance of partnering in the ASP market.

WHY: NetLedger has recently launched NetLedger™ 3.0 while kicking off the SMBXML™ standard. Both have strengthened NetLedger’s ASP leadership position by offering small businesses additional business management applications to run their businesses totally online.

WHEN: May 23, 2000

WHERE: Westin Santa Clara, Santa Clara, California

About ASP Market 2000: ASP Market 2000 is a conference that provides a strategic forum, offering a balanced and comprehensive analysis of the opportunities and challenges facing each sector of the emerging ASP market.


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