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Users applaud NetLedger’s customer service and suite of totally online business management solutions

San Mateo, CA—May 15, 2000—NetLedger, Inc., the breakthrough application service provider (ASP) that allows millions to run their small businesses totally online, today announced it has received unprecedented positive response to its award-winning customer service and suite of totally online business management solutions. Positive customer feedback since its launch in August 1999 clearly attests to NetLedger’s strong market leadership position as a small business ASP.

Now on its third version, NetLedger has experienced tremendous success in achieving a rapidly growing customer base, which includes businesses as diverse as dot-com start-up companies and bricks-and-mortar businesses, and extends from Florida to British Columbia, and from Hawaii to Newfoundland.

By constantly enhancing its Web-based accounting platform in response to customers’ needs, NetLedger has taken its current offerings a step further by providing additional business management applications and by integrating its products with best-of-breed applications of its strategic partners.

Bill Mirbach, president and chief executive officer of NetLedger, Inc. said, “What our users say about us supports the fact that NetLedger has the right online business management applications to help small businesses run their companies totally online. In addition, it provides further evidence that NetLedger’s customer support team is at the forefront of serving our customers in every way possible.”

Alan George, president of Alan George & Associates, Inc. (, a Macintosh-based consulting practice in Silicon Valley who has been a NetLedger user since December 1999, applauded NetLedger, “NetLedger has been invaluable in allowing us to collaborate with our accountant from wherever we are. This has saved hours of face time and increased our availability for billable work. In addition, we are able to invoice clients while on the road, which shortens the payment cycle.”

Confirming the benefits of running a business totally online by using NetLedger’s applications, Amy Delema, Director of Operations of Milo, Inc. located in San Francisco, California said, “Milo, Inc. is a consulting firm specializing in both Internet and wireless technologies, so we are committed to running every aspect of our business totally online. NetLedger is the perfect solution for our accounting needs.”

NetLedger’s anytime, anywhere access impacts the lives of its small business customers. As Scott Timberman from Fort Worth General Store, Fort Worth, Texas commented, “I have to say that the service you provide is GREAT. I am what you call a Road Warrior and if I don’t have to open my laptop while on the road, I won’t. Since I found your site, I have been able to leave it at the office more often.”

Michael Block, Tax Fighting C.P.A., well-known in the accounting world, praised NetLedger’s customer support, “One of the best features of NetLedger is Michele Gariepy’s shockingly good customer support team. I have been a computer consultant and power user for 40 years. No informed and effective person ever responded as fast as she has.”

Michele Gariepy, Customer Support Manager of NetLedger, Inc. concluded, “My team consists of top customer support specialists. Our service has never lagged behind our customers’ needs since the day NetLedger had signed users. Moreover, my entire team is fully motivated to find new ways to serve our customers better.”


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