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NetLedger unveils new features and enhancements

6th Major release continues product momentum

San Mateo, CA—April 20, 2001—NetLedger, Inc., the leader in Web-based solutions that streamline small businesses and help them succeed, today announced that it has received unprecedented user praise for how much time and money they have saved by using NetLedger's integrated system. This customer feedback attests to NetLedger's product truly bringing tangible benefits to every small business.

NetLedger has created one integrated system including features that cover accounting, payroll, bill pay, Web store, CRM and employee self-service. The integrated system takes away the daily headaches of running a small business by giving entrepreneurs the ability not only to run, but also build and grow their companies much more efficiently and effectively.

Now with the release of its completely integrated business management solution, NetLedger continues its tremendous success in achieving a rapidly growing customer base encompassing businesses as diverse as the most cutting-edge technology companies as well as the most traditional brick-and-mortar businesses.

"With NetLedger 1 System we have now fully realised our mission of creating one completely integrated application to run an entire business," said Evan Goldberg, president and CEO of NetLedger, Inc. "What our users say about us supports the fact that NetLedger has the right product to help small businesses grow and flourish while saving them time and money."

Bryan Emerson, president and CEO of Starlight Capital, Inc., an investment firm based in Austin, Texas, commented, "I have been very pleased with the service that NetLedger has given to me and my clients. It is convenient, fast and easy to use. The continuing enhancements that the company is adding give me confidence that the service will continue to grow with my business."

Sharyn Davis, owner of Trinity Gift Store, located in Frankfort, IL., said, "The first thing I tell someone starting a business to do is try out NetLedger. With NetLedger I don't need to be an accounting expert and NetLedger is teaching me what information I need as I go. I can use NetLedger to do my work online on a laptop at home while my husband is watching TV. Further, NetLedger's Web store feature helps me sell more over the Internet."

NetLedger accountant users have a lot to say about NetLedger. Marc Light, CMA (Certified Management Accountant), who also teaches accounting courses at University of California, Santa Cruz, touted, "NetLedger is by far, the best Web-based accounting solution. I have found it to be very easy to use. The ability to e-mail Professional- looking invoices saves me time and money. My clients are actually paying me sooner!"

Users can run NetLedger 1 System on all major browsers and operating systems, with anytime, anywhere access.


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