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Oracle announces new tools to facilitate integration with oracle small business suite

New technologies allow seamless data exchange without data reentry

Redwood Shores, CA. November 27, 2001—Oracle Corp., the largest provider of software for e–business, today announced new integration technologies that make it easy for small and mid-size application developers to increase the value of their portfolios by integrating with the Oracle® Small Business Suite, which is powered by NetLedger. These new development tools include smbXML, an eXtensible Markup Language (XML)-based integration technology that enables developers to seamlessly exchange business information with the Oracle Small Business Suite. New capabilities also are being unveiled for Single Sign-on technology, Server-to-Server Integration and a Web Store Developer Kit.

Integration Improves Business Efficiencies

By using integrated applications, small businesses can save time and money by eliminating the need to manually integrate separate islands of information. smbXML can be used to link complementary applications together, enabling businesses to significantly increase their efficiency by streamlining their business processes around one common and centralised Oracle database.

In addition to smbXML, Single Sign-on is a secure patent-pending technology to manage the authentication of users moving between Web-based applications without the need to enter multiple passwords. Server-to-Server Integration allows for real time data exchange between Web-based applications, eliminating the need to periodically upload the information. The Web Store Developer Kit (WSDK) allows a business to utilise their existing custom Web Store or Web Site and incorporate the Oracle Small Business Suite for integrated e-commerce and accounting functionality.

Another key enhancement to the Oracle Small Business Suite is Advanced Shipping and Receiving. Designed for companies that have a separate person or department that handles shipping and receiving, Advanced Shipping and Receiving enables a company to set up a special “warehouse employee” role, allowing them to process all shipments and receipts without maintaining separate shipping and receiving software. The shipping clerk can look at open sales orders, print picking tickets, packing slips and return forms, and mark items as shipped. The accounting clerk will then get a reminder of processed shipments and can quickly generate invoices or process credit cards. When shipments arrive at a business, they can easily be matched up against open purchase orders or return authorisations and entered into inventory.

"Our service is unique because all of the components of the Oracle Small Business Suite work together seamlessly in one application, minimizing inefficient re-entry of data, and providing owners with a complete view of their business," said Evan Goldberg, president and CEO of NetLedger. "We can now extend this unprecedented level of integration to third-party applications to further enhance the efficiencies that automation can bring to small and medium-sized businesses."

New NetLedger partners using the integration technologies to increase the value of their applications include:

  • Infopia, developer of Marketplace Manager, an online application that simplified the process of selling goods on multiple online auctions and marketplaces, recently utilised server-to-server smbXML to integrate their service with the Oracle Small Business Suite. Now users of Oracle Small Business Suite Web store can instantly make all of their items available on online marketplaces through Infopia's powerful tools. Additionally, Infopia customers can instantly update their Oracle Small Business Suite accounts directly from their Infopia transactions.
  •, a pioneer in online Point-of-Sale technology, will use Developer Program components to integrate their POS solution with the Oracle Small Business Suite. This allows inventory and transaction information to be instantly transmitted between NetPOS and the Oracle Small Business Suite, saving the retailer both time and money, as sales are entered only once, and inventory is always aligned and up-to-date. Initially, is focusing its efforts on restaurants and specialty retailers.
  • Ciraden, the leading application service provider in the dental practice market, is leveraging smbXML to provide an integrated service to completely manage a dental practice. By combining the rich dental practice management features of the Ciraden application with the extensive business management capabilities of the Oracle Small Business Suite, Ciraden is now offering the most comprehensive solution for dental practice management on the market.
  • Lexys Technology Inc., a leading provider of next generation retail applications, will integrate their Point-of-Sale application, Lexys Enterprise SaleT, with the Oracle Small Business Suite using Single Sign-on technology. Using server-to-server smbXML, Lexys will create a seamless solution for retailers to manage in-store selling much more efficiently with one combined business management solution.
  • Mercantec, a leader in e-commerce solutions for small business, will utilise the smbXML format for integrating store activities into the Oracle Small Business Suite. With the front-end store completely integrated into the back-end accounting and processing system, online retailers have one complete e-commerce solution vs. multiple incompatible applications.

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