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NetSuite OpenAir expands global reach through EMEA-based channel partner wins

Resellers Embrace World’s Leading Cloud-Based Professional Services Opportunity

BOSTON and SAN MATEO, Calif.—November 2, 2010—NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N), the industry’s leading provider of cloud-based financials / ERP software suites, today announced new channel partner wins for NetSuite OpenAir in EMEA. These new wins include: NetImplementers, with EMEA offices in Sweden and Denmark; Alta Via Consulting of Germany; SaaS Consulting of Spain; Innovation Process Technology of Switzerland; iteam of Greece; PROX-C Consulting of Egypt; and Navigant Solutions with EMEA offices in Dubai. These channel partnerships expand the reach of NetSuite OpenAir throughout the farthest reaches of EMEA. Channel partners are sharing the benefits as professional services businesses turn to NetSuite OpenAir, the market leader in services resource planning (SRP) and professional services automation (PSA), to improve utilization of resources, improve profitability, bolster margins, and optimise efficiency.

NetSuite is the market leader in all PSA solutions (cloud and on-premise applications), according to the July 2010 report "Professional Services Business Applications Market Adoption" from SPI Research, with four times the market share of the closest runner-up. Today’s professional services organisations are looking for ways to stay competitive and thrive, especially under current economic conditions. This creates a huge market demand for powerful, cost-effective, cloud-based solutions designed for project-based businesses. Driven by this demand, channel partners have lined up to embrace the cloud, adding NetSuite OpenAir to their product portfolio. NetSuite OpenAir’s leading cloud-based professional services automation and services resource planning solutions satisfy the needs of both channel partners and their clients with capabilities which include:

  • Lower TCO and Greater Availability — By eliminating hardware, maintenance, and IT personnel costs, NetSuite OpenAir’s cloud architecture reduces deployment and ongoing operating costs. Cloud computing architecture provides 24/7 availability and support, along with enterprise scalability and security protections, without the worry or cost of continuous management.
  • Upmarket Readiness — Project-based businesses are better prepared for larger opportunities when resource demand can be forecasted and resource management can scale globally.
  • Increased Productivity — Unified, graphical approach to resource management with powerful skills-based filtering enables team leaders to maximise the output and efficiency of the organisation as a whole, reducing idle time and increasing productivity.
  • Greater Enterprise Agility — Services organisations are more nimble when they can manage their businesses to key metrics and gain the power to make timely, fact-based course corrections.
  • Real-time Visibility — Dashboards provide real-time, instant view of all services activities, delivering immediate insight into available resources, project status, and client opportunities on a global level.
  • Integration and Extensibility — NetSuite OpenAir can be easily integrated with SAP, Oracle,, and other enterprise systems.
  • Localization for the European Market — With support for English, Spanish, German, and French, over 100 currencies, and pre-built VAT calculations, NetSuite OpenAir is the most localized professional services solution for the broader European market.

"NetSuite OpenAir has carefully selected partners with both the breadth and the depth to help project-based businesses maximise their potential in an uncertain economic climate," said Jeff Honeycomb, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Distribution, NetSuite.

NetSuite OpenAir’s regional partners include the following firms:

  • NetImplementers, ( which delivers cloud-based solutions to customers in the Nordic region, Germany, and the US. NetImplementers has been delivering cloud solutions for years, and specializes in easing the transition from dated on-premise software to modern cloud technology. With 15 years of experience meeting the needs of professional services companies, and its own successful enterprise implementation of NetSuite OpenAir, NetImplementers is focused on ensuring rapid adoption with no business disruption. "NetSuite OpenAir provides the kind of transparency and collaboration we need to run our business, and is indispensible to our clients as well," said Morten Munch Johansen, CEO of NetImplementers.
  • Alta Via Consulting ( is an international consulting company specializing in enterprise performance management through technology, focusing on topics such as planning, cost and profitability management, product lifecycle management and enterprise resource management. "Professional services has become more relevant for sustainable success for businesses across Germany, and everywhere else Alta Via does business," said Peter von Zimmerman, Partner at Alta Via Consulting. "Professional Services Automation is key here and OpenAir is a powerful offering for growing professional service companies."
  • SaaS Consulting, ( which focuses on delivering the advantages of low-risk, low-overhead NetSuite and NetSuite OpenAir in Iberia. With significant challenges facing the economies of Spain and Portugal, SaaS Consulting is ideally positioned to help professional services firms on the peninsula remain competitive by minimising costs and maximising billable project activity. "Professional services companies and divisions of large companies are taking an extremely close look at technology solutions to help them navigate the difficult conditions," said Mark Sichel, CEO of SaaS Consulting. "NetSuite OpenAir can deliver the bottom-line results they are looking for through superior visibility, optimization, and flexibility."
  • Innovation Process Technology (IPT) ( is one of Switzerland’s leading experts in software engineering and service-oriented architectures. Dozens of IPT professionals are trusted advisors to some of Switzerland’s largest firms, including Allianz, Credit Suisse, Swisscom, and Roche. NetSuite OpenAir’s broad localization and flexible business rule support make it ideally suited for the diverse Swiss business landscape. "Our customers increasingly ask us how we do resource planning, and one of the secrets of our success has been NetSuite OpenAir to manage our own services professionals," says Peter Graef, IPT managing partner. "Even the largest firms, with dedicated project management organisations, need solutions to help them further improve their resource management, and IPT and NetSuite OpenAir can provide answers."
  • iteam s.a. ( is a Greek Technology Solutions company that provides technology products and services to ensure customer organisations succeed with operational excellence while maintaining business agility and flexibility in a rapidly changing world. Serving small businesses through larger enterprises in Greece and Cyprus, iteam turned to NetSuite OpenAir to continue to deliver the competitive advantages that keep their customers growing. "The international economic crisis has created an uncertain business environment, posing severe threats to the survival of Greek organisations. This environment calls for a new agile, versatile and cost-effective business model. NetSuite OpenAir’s reliable cloud-based PSA solution can offer a helping hand in such a case, eliminating costs and thus providing a strong competitive advantage," said Angelos Astrinidis, Managing Director of iteam. "Here, at iteam, we genuinely believe in the strength this solution can offer, not only as distributors, but also as users, having implemented it in our project management process in order to enhance our productivity and effectiveness."
  • PROX-C Consulting, ( based in Egypt, provides project management, business continuity, and enterprise architecture solutions to companies throughout the EMEA region. As companies based in the Middle Eastern and African regions struggle with the ongoing impact of the global financial crisis, PROX-C views NetSuite OpenAir as the perfect tool to bridge gaps between local and international management practices by providing clear visibility and global resource management. "We are pleased to help bring the well-established NetSuite OpenAir solution to our market," says Waleed Hammad, Managing Director of PROX-C Consulting. "We expect NetSuite OpenAir to be a major source of improvement for the MEA professional services market, and we are glad to be one of the drivers of this improvement."
  • Navigant Solutions ( is a global technology consultancy specialized in delivering leading cloud computing technologies to businesses throughout the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain. An area with strong economies and expanding infrastructures, Navigant Solutions finds cloud computing a key component for continued business growth, and NetSuite OpenAir a necessity for businesses to maximise their potential. "This is a robust region of the world, and NetSuite OpenAir provides the critical features our clients and prospects are looking for," said Hadi Yashruti, Principal and Founder of Navigant Solutions. "Three critical features businesses in this area are looking for include visibility into resources and projects; improved productivity that implements greater efficiencies that could previously not be tapped; and business continuity and security. NetSuite OpenAir delivers those and more, and we look forward to helping our customers flourish." Navigant Solutions offers training in English and Arabic.

NetSuite OpenAir is the leading provider of cloud computing professional services automation software, offering Services Resource Planning (SRP) and Professional Services Automation (PSA). NetSuite OpenAir helps services organisations streamline key business processes, cut costs, improve productivity and increase visibility across their organisations.

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NOTE: NetSuite, the NetSuite logo, and OpenAir are registered service marks of NetSuite Inc. or its subsidiaries.

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