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SAN MATEO, Calif. — July 30 2008 — NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N), a leading vendor of on-demand, integrated business management software suites for the mid-market enterprise and divisions of large companies, announced today that Tsar Nicoulai Caviar, a world leader in farmed sturgeon caviar — grown in the U.S.A. — is using NetSuite's on-demand business management suite, including ecommerce shopping cart, order management, customer relationship management (including sales and marketing), accounting / finance operations and inventory management to improve its business. For more information about this story please visit

As a pioneer in domestic sturgeon farming, Tsar Nicoulai Caviar has developed an innovative and sustainable approach to producing caviar — using tank-farming techniques to provide an abundant supply of this fine dining delicacy. Since 2004, Tsar Nicoulai has been operating in California, instead of the traditional caviar hotspot, the Caspian Sea. What the growing company really needed was a better way to manage its unique business. For one, selling caviar can be trickier than selling other items: caviar is a perishable product and therefore has to be watched closely with careful inventory management, especially if sold via an ecommerce shopping cart. Sales forecasts have to be extremely accurate; order management needs to be flawless; and customer service has to be impeccable.

Tsar Nicoulai's small staff required efficiency to process orders from its retail and Web stores quickly and accurately. But a combination of Peachtree and Goldmine wasn't keeping pace. Tsar Nicoulai had to upgrade Peachtree several times, still encountering limitations in its functions and features. It was tedious work and opened the door to mistakes. What the company needed was a powerful, integrated system that would track what and when people were ordering, and would let sales reps know when to call them and keep them aware of what the company had to offer, as well as improve visibility across their inventory management.

NetSuite offered Tsar Nicoulai a complete ecommerce, customer relationship management and accounting software suite, and gave the company room to grow down the road. By allowing Tsar Nicoulai to incorporate accounting, inventory management, sales, an ecommerce shopping cart, order management and customer service in one Web-based system, NetSuite provided easy access to the information from any of its four facilities. The company now provides its customers with excellent, efficient customer service and streamlined order management.

"NetSuite was a lot more cost-effective than other platforms, which is important for a growing company like ours," said Mats Engstrom, CEO and Co-owner of Tsar Nicoulai Caviar. "But the real beauty of NetSuite is that it gives us total access to the information we need to grow our business. I don't know how we would manage without NetSuite."

With NetSuite, Tsar Nicoulai is able to better track its inventory; manage ecommerce business operations; forecast sales; plan marketing and manufacturing strategies; and keep a sharper eye not just on how its business is faring, but where it is going. In addition, Tsar Nicoulai executives now have access to complex business information — on sales, customers, and products — at their fingertips to improve forecasting, inventory management, and marketing efforts. As a result, Tsar Nicoulai customers see shorter call times and the company is experiencing higher customer satisfaction — without higher costs .

"Caviar is a unique product, and the challenges in making and selling it are unique as well," said Engstrom. "It takes a special program to cope with all that, and fortunately, we've found it in NetSuite."

About Tsar Nicoulai Caviar Company
As world pioneers of farming sturgeon for caviar, Tsar Nicoulai Caviar provides a quality caviar that rivals the traditional imported varieties. By offering an alternative to the caviar harvested from wild sturgeon, Tsar Nicoulai can alleviate the demand for imported caviars, thereby ensuring an abundant and consistent supply of caviar from around the world for generations to come. Equally important for the company, and for the survival of wild sturgeon to save them from extinction by over-fishing, is to educate its consumers on the importance of choosing sustainable caviar. Tsar Nicoulai is already seeing how top chefs and gourmet aficionados are switching their loyalty from Caspian caviar to California farmed sturgeon caviar, thus embracing and supporting this crucial movement. The more successful it is in educating its consumers, the more Tsar Nicoulai can help change the paradigm for how America's professional and amateur chefs perceive and eat caviar. For more information about Tsar Nicoulai Caviar Company, please visit

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