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NetLedger delivers enhanced usability features across Oracle Small Business® Suite, Netsuite™ and NetCRM™

SAN MATEO, CA, April 24, 2003—NetLedger, Inc., makers of Oracle® Small Business Suite, today announced a set of new, enhanced usability features across its award-winning product offerings — including Oracle Small Business Suite, NetSuite, and NetCRMT — delivering to users unprecedented ease of use and more flexible Customisation. The enhanced usability features allow users to instantly access information with fewer clicks; to gain greater visibility of customer data; and to customise the way the information is organised and displayed. In addition, the new sorting and display capabilities in the Web Store increase sales and customer satisfaction by allowing web visitors to sort items by various criteria and to view large numbers of items in a dense table format. The Oracle Small Business Suite name is used under license from Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ: ORCL).

"NetLedger's products are the most widely used application services in the small and medium business market, and this release embodies a lot of the great ideas we get from our large and growing customer base," said Zach Nelson, president and CEO of NetLedger.

New, enhanced usability features unveiled today include:

  1. Reduce Mouse-Clicks
    New Activities Bar - users can now add any activity to an entity record with one click. When working with leads, prospects, customers, partners and vendors, convenient one-click access has been added to create new contact, events, tasks, e-mail, quotes, sales orders and other related information. After adding new activities and information, users are taken to a screen where they can view and edit the newly entered data.

    Completing Tasks - users can now mark a task as complete directly from their home page. Users no longer have to edit individual tasks and set their status to complete, but can instead check off the task as Completed right from their home tab.

  2. Greater Data Visibility
    Sub-Customer/Jobs and Sub-Partners Tabs - users can now view a customer's Sub-Customers and Jobs directly from the parent customer record. Similarly, users can view Sub-Partners while in the parent partner record. Single View with No Tabs - Users now have the option of viewing their records without tabs, allowing them to view the record's entire content in one scrolling form, rather than clicking on separate tabs to view the information.

  3. Web Store and Publishing
    Available in Oracle Small Business Suite and NetSuite, users can personalise their Web Store customers' shopping experience by displaying store items in dense list layouts that can be sorted and contain an "Add To Cart" button as part of the dense list. Users can present much more information in a small area that is easy for their customers to digest. The sorting capabilities allow the Web customer to sort items in alphabetical order, by price or any other column that is part of the list. And the Add To Cart buttons reduce the navigation back and forth frequency between the items details page, making their overall shopping experience much more enjoyable so they'll keep coming back for more.

  4. Improved Reporting
    Reporting has been enhanced to generate reports faster than ever. Large reports are now delivered in a paginated form, allowing much quicker load times. Users can easily navigate around the report by using the Home, End, Page Up, and Page Down keys on the keyboard. A progress bar displayed at the bottom of the report will automatically indicate when the report is fully loaded.


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