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Sage customers continue defection to NetSuite

Businesses Using Multiple Sage Product Lines Recognise Superiority of NetSuite's On-Demand Integrated ERP/CRM/Ecommerce System

SAN MATEO, Calif.—April 18, 2007—NetSuite, Inc., the leader in on-demand business management software, today announced that more companies have switched from Sage's (LSE: SGE.L) fragmented, non-integrated product offerings including MAS 90, MAS 200, Accpac, Peachtree, ACT!, and SalesLogix, leaving behind more antiquated software applications for NetSuite's on-demand business management application that integrates ERP, CRM and ecommerce. For more information about how to switch from Sage to NetSuite, please go to

In North America and the United Kingdom, Sage has more than 30 different product lines that have been acquired over the past 15+ years. Despite owning these products for many years, Sage has never solved the problem of cross-departmental information flow and its products only integrate weakly, if at all.

Companies moving to NetSuite from Sage recognise the enormous benefits NetSuite's one system architecture brings to their operations. While Sage continues to focus on point solutions — a different application for each department — NetSuite provides one integrated system spanning CRM, ERP and ecommerce and supporting cross-departmental workflows that mirror how businesses actually operate. This one system architecture eliminates redundant data entry and the cost associated with managing multiple systems for finance, sales, warehouse management, customer support and ecommerce. NetSuite includes user dashboards which provide all the real-time data and applications appropriate for their jobs without having to request manual reports or print-outs from departments that might take days to prepare. As a result, the business efficiency gains experienced following their NetSuite deployment can be enormous and allow companies to provide faster service and achieve higher customer satisfaction than ever before.

Additionally, the vast majority of Sage's products are built on old, pre-Internet architectures, further increasing the cost of ownership. Unlike NetSuite, Sage products must be managed, upgraded, backed-up and updated manually by in-house resources. Companies can spend more time managing the Sage software than they do running their own business. Also, such client/server applications are hard to access remotely, a key drawback given the distributed business models being used by companies large and small.

"Companies find that when they migrate from Sage, they move from Stone Age software that has to be managed and integrated with other applications, to Internet Age software," said Zach Nelson, CEO of NetSuite. "NetSuite delivers a complete solution to run their business — just by opening a browser window and logging on to NetSuite."

As a true on-demand solution — built from the ground-up as a Web-based application and accessible through a Web browser — NetSuite enables business users to access the application anytime, anywhere, while reducing the cost of managing, maintaining and upgrading business applications.

Companies that have switched from Sage to NetSuite span a wide spectrum of industries from software, telecommunications, retail, manufacturing and wholesale/distribution, to services and ecommerce. Some of these companies include:

Former MAS 90 users:

GSM Cellular (, Monsey, N.Y.
Online retailer of electronics accessories.

"We upgraded from QuickBooks to MAS 90 because we figured it would handle a lot more volume. However, we realized over time that MAS 90 was challenging and quite cumbersome to use," said Mordy Eisenberg, CEO of GSM Cellular. "What's more, some of our support people had to look through eight or nine different systems, including MAS 90, to look up one order. It was getting out of hand. Now with NetSuite, we have one package that streamlines everything, which is both a huge time savings and a major decrease in headaches. We're able to get through a lot more cases a lot faster, and it has freed me up to grow the business instead of focusing my time on managing our software application. The kicker is that with NetSuite's advanced inventory management, we've been able to decrease our inventory on hand by 30 percent since we've been using it, while sales have continued to rise."

PS International (, Chapel Hill, N.C.
International trading company specializing in the trading of agricultural commodities.

"As an international company with people spread out in the U.S., France, Korea, China, Mexico and other places, having a Web-based application for visibility purposes was extremely important to us," said Dan Bruxvoort, Vice President of Finance, PS International, serviced by NetSuite Solution Provider LST ( "MAS 90 was fine for accounting only, but it didn't give us the ability to adequately track sales from order through logistics and accounting that NetSuite does. With NetSuite we have everything in one product that has tremendous flexibility, and that has been really key."

Former MAS 200 user:

Mionix Corporation (, Rocklin, Calif.
Manufacturer of biotechnology products for food and agribusiness industries.

"With NetSuite I'm able to work from home, which I was not able to do when we were using MAS 200," said Ann Thein, Controller for Mionix Corporation. "Our sales office is out of state so the Internet provides immediate access to customer orders and speeds up deliveries. Also, I like the reporting capabilities with NetSuite. Many things are more convenient now than they were before. And, customer service has been great."

Former Accpac user:

Nobel Learning Communities ( (NASDAQ:NLCI),
West Chester, Pa. Preschools, elementary and middle schools across the United States.

"Before NetSuite we were running our financials on Accpac and our customer relationship management in local databases and manual, paper-based processes," said Tom Frank, CFO, Nobel Learning Communities. "Consequently, we lacked the depth of insight required for cash flow, revenue recognition, clear reporting, and timely communication with our teachers, students and their parents. NetSuite has helped us get that information company-wide and at one glance."

Former Peachtree users:

Brivo Systems (, based in Bethesda, Md.
Security systems provider for organisations that need to protect buildings and facilities.

"We previously used Peachtree and but wanted something all under one roof," said Brent Stidley, Director of Administration/Controller, Brivo Systems. "Now we have one system where everyone has access to the real-time data needed to efficiently do their jobs."

Former SalesLogix user:

RKI, Inc., based in Phoenix, Ariz.
Insurance products for the automotive aftermarket industry.

"Before we were using QuickBooks together with SalesLogix, which weren't integrated and limited us in many areas such as reporting and email marketing campaigns," said Kathleen Konzen, Director of Strategic Development for RKI, Inc. "We switched to NetSuite to have a fully integrated system, including our accounting, sales, email marketing, customer support and reporting. With NetSuite, we don't have to enter information in separate systems anymore — a huge benefit since they were spread across different platforms; we're able to run more sophisticated email marketing campaigns — a dramatic improvement in tracking the success of each campaign; and now we can customise the system ourselves, something we had to pay IT consulting fees to do before."

Former ACT! users:

MRG Document Technologies (, Dallas
Legal services, mortgages and document preparation.

"ACT! was fine for a couple users, but we wanted something enterprise friendly, customizable and that could be used across all our departments," said Brian Nuckels, Manager of Client Connectivity, MRG Document Technologies. "NetSuite was the solution. We needed CRM accessible to the enterprise. The on-demand application appealed to us because we could log in from anywhere and it had the potential to grow with us. In the end, we'll have a single system of record."

Printech, Inc. (, Doral, Fla.
Software for laser check printing.

"Before NetSuite, we had three different systems including ACT!, and it was nightmare," said Al Guerra, President of Printech, Inc. "We had to enter each lead three times. Now with NetSuite, we enter a new lead and it populates to all the appropriate places which saves us time and energy."

Former Sage Line 50 (UK) users:

Edge Vision (, Rickmansworth (UK)
Value-added reseller of audio-visual solutions.

"After having used NetSuite, I can confidently say it has improved Edge Vision's effectiveness in terms of saving employees' time, reducing margin for error, and maintaining the company's profit margin," said Peter Taylor, Managing Director for Edge Vision. "We were using very disparate system-based data before, including various Sage/ACT products, and are now very glad that we made the jump to NetSuite."

Jayex Technology Limited (, London
Producer of information display systems and software.

"Since migrating from Sage Line 50 to NetSuite, our sales processes have been much more closely integrated with our customer data," said Patrick Murray, CFO of Opta Sports Data. "We came on board with NetSuite last year after previously using three different products — Sage Line 50 for accounting, ACT! for CRM, and Excel for stock control and the rest," said Agam Jain, Managing Director, Jayex. "With so many systems, things were disjointed and all over the place. Now with NetSuite everything is coordinated and efficient. With the system being so scalable, our company, which has been in business since 1978, can concentrate on growth rather then chase paper trails."

Opta Sports Data (, London
Compiler of sports performance data across Europe

"Since migrating from Sage Line 50 to NetSuite, our sales processes have been much more closely integrated with our customer data," said Patrick Murray, CFO of Opta Sports Data.


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