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Oracle Small Business Suite introduces Executive Dashboard™

Gives small business executives real-time information to make informed business decisions

San Diego, CA, Oracle AppsWorld—April 8, 2002—Oracle Corp., the largest provider of software for e-business, today announced the addition of Executive Dashboard to the award-winning Oracle® Small Business Suite, powered by NetLedger. Executive Dashboard gives owners and executives of growing businesses the ability to instantly access crucial, up-to-the minute information about all aspects of their company's operations – anytime, anywhere. Decision-makers can take control of their business by having the real-time information key to their business in one central location, without the hassle of having to combine incomplete information from a variety of applications and disparate sources.

Executive Dashboard is a graphical Web page containing all of a company's critical business information, such as sales, cash levels, receivables and payables, inventory levels, leads and support cases. Because the Oracle Small Business Suite is one complete business application built on an Oracle database, a company's key business data is complete, instantly accessible and up to date.

Executive Dashboard itself is comprised of "Snapshots," which give executives immediate access to all the key business information they need, in an easy-to-use graphical interface for quick analysis, and "Alerts," which give executives the ability to have e-mail sent to them periodically, even to their text-based wireless devices, with this same company data. These two elements give CEOs unprecedented insight into all the fundamental aspects of their business. Users can easily drill down into the summary information from the Executive Dashboard to glean further details of critical components of the business such as large deals or overdue receivables. Layout and content can be customised to suit the needs of different businesses and different roles within a business.

"We started this company because the crucial information every executive should know just wasn't accessible in a timely manner," said Evan Goldberg, CEO of NetLedger, Inc. "Our hard work in building a truly integrated business management application is now paying off with features like Executive Dashboard. Unlike any other solution on the market, Oracle Small Business Suite allows CEOs and key managers in small and medium sized businesses to manage by fact, not fantasy."

About the Oracle Small Business Suite

The Oracle Small Business Suite is one completely integrated application to help small businesses manage all their business processes more efficiently and effectively, including accounting and finance, sales and service, Web presence, and employee management. Companies can save time and money and get unprecedented insight into their operations by utilising one centralised and up-to-date database, ending the headache of using multiple incompatible applications. With anytime, anywhere Web access, the award-winning solution is the first and only multi-user, multi-location complete small business management solution.

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