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NetSuite rescues more companies from Microsoft Great Plains

Asia Digital Holdings Moves to NetSuite OneWorld to Support Multi-Subsidiary Operations—Along with Other Companies to Realise Greater Functionality, Faster Financial Close in the Cloud

SAN MATEO, Calif.—April 5, 2011—NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N), the industry's leading provider of cloud financials / ERP software suites, today announced the latest Microsoft Dynamics GP (commonly known as Great Plains) customers to abandon Microsoft Dynamics GP/Great Plains in favor of the cloud-based, flexible functionality of NetSuite. Instrumart, TYRX and Asia Digital Holdings are among the dozens of companies to recently depart Microsoft Dynamics GP/Great Plains and benefit from NetSuite's superior capabilities to improve efficiency, productivity, and business insights while reducing costs and overhead. For more information about NetSuite's advantages, please visit

As cited by analyst firms such as Nucleus Research and Hurwitz & Associates, Microsoft Dynamics GP/Great Plains customers moving to NetSuite are finding that NetSuite enables faster financial close, cost savings of 50 percent or more, greater employee productivity, and superior real-time visibility. NetSuite's cloud delivery and built-in integration delivers ERP, CRM, services management and Ecommerce in a single software suite; delivering lower costs and superior value. According to Hurwitz & Associates - in a comparison of NetSuite versus the on-premise Microsoft Dynamics GP/Great Plains and CRM—implementation, customisation, maintenance and training are all more cost effective with NetSuite. And NetSuite OneWorld, the world's first and only fully integrated cloud business management platform for multinational and multi-subsidiary companies, provides global rollup and consolidation capabilities across complex entity structures all within a single unified ERP instance. This functionality is in stark contrast to Microsoft Dynamics GP/Great Plains, which can require customers to deploy multiple instances of the software, slowing down consolidation, hampering reporting and adding to IT overhead.

Companies switching from Microsoft Dynamics GP/Great Plains to NetSuite can expect to see substantial advantages, including timely, accurate management insights powered by real-time visibility and analytics. Reporting and analytics in Microsoft Dynamics GP/Great Plains can be stifled because key operational data is locked up in other siloed systems and stand-alone spreadsheets, creating delays and inaccuracies in the reporting process. Because NetSuite unifies customer, financial, inventory and sales data in one solution, everything from financial close to recurring revenue recognition can be handled in much less time.

In addition, NetSuite provides superior order-to-cash process management. Even when paired with Microsoft's own CRM product, Microsoft Dynamics GP/Great Plains suffers delays or re-keying when processing an order from the initial entry through the shipping and billing stages. NetSuite offers a single code base and a fully integrated process flow, dramatically reducing the potential for errors and delays in the order-to-cash sequence. And NetSuite offers smoother, more accurate invoice-to-payment procedures, providing a more user-friendly, integrated approach to the payment of everything from trade invoices to expense reports.

Companies switching from Microsoft Dynamics GP/Great Plains to NetSuite and NetSuite OneWorld, include:

  • Asia Digital Holdings (, an online media and marketing firm based in Singapore, operates 11 subsidiaries throughout Asia Pacific focused on innovative, online media strategies for regional clients. As the company grew and expanded into additional markets, the overhead associated with its complex business model became a drag on performance. Processing monthly invoices in Microsoft Dynamics GP/Great Plains took the better part of a week. Reconciling those subsidiary financials with the global headquarters was a costly and time-consuming process, and there was little international visibility for day-to-day accounting. Switching to NetSuite OneWorld significantly reduced Asia Digital Holding's overall IT spending, cut accounts payable reporting time and reduced audit costs. Global expansion has also been streamlined, as configuring NetSuite OneWorld to support its new Chinese subsidiary—including full support for Chinese and access to global accounts payable and receivable records—took just two hours. "Putting together online advertising and marketing programs for customers can become very complicated, and so can starting up new subsidiaries," said Kristian Bowry, head of technology for Asia Digital Holdings. "NetSuite has helped us understand our global footprint, given us consolidated visibility across our local operations and allowed us to use this knowledge to become more competitive in the marketplace. Instead of taking at least two weeks to complete a monthly close, we are finished in four days, maximum."
  • TYRX (, of Monmouth Junction, NJ designs and sells products which address surgical-site infections and inflammatory tissue reaction associated with implanted medical devices. A Microsoft Dynamics GP/Great Plains user for five years, the company eventually grew fatigued with the aging system's limitations and lack of visibility. "We decided it was time to break the boundaries and get a real ERP system," said Yosi Afergan, TYRX systems administrator. "NetSuite did that for us, making it easy for our warehouses and salespeople to stay in sync and get what they need on the fly, while saving us both IT costs and maintenance hassles."
  • Instrumart (, of South Burlington, VT is a leading supplier of industrial instruments for all manner of building, maintenance, and engineering applications. A Microsoft Dynamics GP/Great Plains user for years, Instrumart changed to NetSuite when needed functionality from a Microsoft Dynamics GP/Great Plains upgrade presented an unacceptable bill. "Continuing with Great Plains requires costly software and server upgrades, and when we added up the dollars involved it was the straw that broke the camel's back," said Brian Leffler, Instrumart vice president. "With the way our business is changing and growing, NetSuite is a much better fit."

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