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Oracle NetSuite Corporate Communications

NetSuite Kicks Off New Year with 50% Discount for Deserters

SAN MATEO, CA—January 20, 2005—NetSuite, Inc., started 2005 with a package of discounts and data migration offerings for companies considering or using's stand-alone sales force automation (SFA) applications. For prospects considering buying enterprise edition for the first time, NetSuite will beat any subscription estimate provided by by 50%. For customers renewing their enterprise edition subscriptions, NetSuite will cut the renewal price in half and offer a bevy of data migration services. This offer covers NetSuite's NetCRM offering, as well as CRM users of the company's complete ERP/CRM/eCommerce NetSuite solution. The offer is available to those new prospects who contact NetSuite between Jan. 20, 2005 and April 1, 2005. For more information about the offer, please visit to

Prospects who take the NetSuite offer receive much more than just a lower price on a great product. They also receive important functionality not found in's enterprise editions including automatic quote generation, order management, forecasts that include approved orders, mass e-mail marketing, partner relationship management, and customer self-service portals.

NetSuite has won many head-to-head comparisons against in prestigious industry-leading publications. NetSuite was named 2004 Enterprise Software Product of the year by eWEEK. It was awarded PC Magazine's Top Enterprise Software Product for 2005. Forrester Research named NetSuite's forecasting capabilities the highest of any on-line CRM product. Inc.Magazine ranked NetSuite the fastest growing software company in the California Bay Area, and the second fastest growing software company in the United States.

"To achieve CRM success, users need instant visibility into the information that defines the customer relationship—information like what a customer bought, when it was shipped, and whether or not they paid," said Zach Nelson, CEO of NetSuite. "With NetCRM, users get access to every interaction from the moment prospects express interest to the moment they order a product or service, without complex integration projects. With this offer, we have made achieving CRM success less costly and less risky than ever before."

"We were using but made a simple decision to switch to NetSuite," said Michael Fox, COO, Engius LLC ( a Stillwater, OK-based company that sells high-tech equipment for the construction industry. "The problem with was that we could not get the accounting, sales and customer service data that resided in the separate databases to flow back and forth. This information flow is critical, and our processes were compromised by the inability of to easily share data. NetSuite was the perfect solution for our needs. Even if we had built an integration loop between, it would have been expensive and still would not have been as seamless as what NetSuite provides."