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NetSuite solutions create new opportunities for Web designers and marketing consultants working in both B2B and B2C environments. NetSuite provides a solid foundation that allows Web designers to focus on the front-end user experience and not the nuts and bolts of the back office. In addition to accounting, customer management and marketing tools, NetSuite includes pre-built integrations with Google Ad Words, eBay integration (including PayPal®), feeds to sites like Froogle and, and support for Affiliate Management, Promotion Codes and other tools.

The 10% Referral Fee* is not the only benefit to joining the Referral Partner Program. Becoming a Referral Partner and introducing clients to NetSuite allows you to provide a higher-value, better integrated solution to a larger number of clients.

For example, Web designers can use simple Web services techniques and/or pre-built scripts to connect the "front-end" Web site to the NetSuite "back office," which can handle duties such as product content and pricing, order management, inventory management, shipping & drop shipping, credit card gateway and accounting. These built-in capabilities offer designers the ability to offer a better service with a lower price or higher margin than competitors.

In addition, NetSuite allows Web designers to offer services that were previously only offered by value-added resellers (VARs) of "traditional" software. For example, NetSuite users often want very customised workflows, custom interfaces and other features that aren't part of NetSuite's out-of-the-box feature set. These services are not generally offered by NetSuite, but by our Partner community. Standard JavaScript can be used to build these and other features into the standard NetSuite feature set, which means that any Web design shop that has in-house Java scripting capabilities can become a business systems consultant in addition to offering Web design services.

NetSuite also allows Web designers and marketing consultants to easily offer search engine optimisation (SEO), enhanced keyword marketing, email marketing and other services. Using these features does not require coding, but many NetSuite customers hire companies experienced in Web marketing to set up and run these campaigns. With little or no coding, a marketing consultant could use NetSuite functionality to:

  • Build a targeted customer list based on purchase history, geography or any other metric, build a landing page, execute an email campaign, and track conversion rates and campaign ROI.
  • Measure paid and natural search terms as well as the profitability of clients generated through individual keywords.
  • Set up affiliate campaigns, campaigns linked to promotion codes and other programs.
  • Examine detailed Web site analytics, including conversion statistics, click streams, and other detailed user activity.

Take the next step toward offering more comprehensive services, securing longer-term client relationships, and helping your clients become more efficient and competitive. Join the NetSuite Referral Partner Program today and receive a 10% referral fee of the first year's license revenue*.

*Please see Terms and Conditions for complete information.

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