Order Mgmt

Jump-start Your Order-to-Cash Process by Eliminating Manual Bottlenecks

Establish a smooth flow from sales quote to approved order with intelligent workflows that automate approvals, pricing and discounting.
  • Automate order validation and quality assurance.
  • Establish credit controls.
  • Support discount approvals.
  • Manage your subscription business.
  • Facilitate customer service with a 360-degree view of customers.

Business Impact

Cost to Serve

Reduce your cost to serve with improved speed and accuracy.

Revenue Growth Rate

Easily scale order capacity as your business grows.

Cycle Time

Drive down cycle times by eliminating manual processes.

Explore How NetSuite Streamlines Order-to-Cash

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Streamline Billing Across Multiple Revenue Streams

Automate billing across your product, subscription and services revenue streams with the only comprehensive billing solution pre-integrated with core financials.
  • Automate the order-to-cash process.
  • Generate, transmit and collect invoices.
  • Support for billing from multiple revenue streams.
    • Sales order billing
    • Project billing
    • Usage/consumption billing
  • Collect key information with real-time access.
  • Integration with revenue recognition.

Business Impact

Cash Conversion

Eliminate billing errors and improve invoice to payment cycle time.


Improve DSO/DBO with controls and visibility.

Revenue Growth

Reduce revenue leakage with a solution that scales rapidly.

NetSuite Recurring Billing

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Rev Rec

Recognise Revenue with Confidence and Accuracy

Solve complex revenue recognition challenges with support for current standards and be prepared to comply with evolving rules and guidelines.
  • Automate complex revenue recognition.
  • Flexible revenue recognition scheduling.
  • Comply with existing standards including:
    • Revenue arrangements with multiple elements (ASC 605-25).
    • Revenue arrangements with multiple elements (ASC 605-25).
    • Percentage-of-completion accounting (ASC 605-35).
  • Prepare for ASU 2014-09 adoption.

Business Impact

Back Office Efficiency

Eliminate spreadsheets and manual work efforts.


Maintain compliance with applicable accounting standards.

Deferred Revenue

Automate revenue recognition schedules and manage deferred revenue.

Revenue Recognition Changes are Coming: Five Key Considerations for Adopting ASU 2014-09

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Accelerate the Financial Close Process

Close with confidence and report financials quickly and accurately. NetSuite combines rich accounting functionality with strong compliance management that eliminates the need for manual reconciliations.
  • General ledger
  • Accounts receivables
  • Accounts payable
  • Internal controls
  • Compliance
  • Audit trails
  • Tax management

Business Impact

Time to Close

Close the books with speed and accuracy by eliminating manual reconciliations.

Back Office Efficiency

Automate the end-to-end financial close process.


Establish controls and enable audit trails.

Tableau Soars from Startup to Global Enterprise with NetSuite

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Feed Your Recurring Revenue Engine

Grow recurring revenue streams with a powerful subscription and maintenance renewals engine designed for SaaS and perpetual licence software providers.
  • Term and evergreen subscription management
  • Change order management
  • Support for co-termination
  • Contract renewal automation
  • Termination and cancellations
  • Support for upsell and cross-sell

Business Impact

Customer Lifetime Value

Increase LTV by automating the renewals process.

Average Customer Revenue

Capitalise on upsell and cross-sell to grow ARR/MRR.

Forecasted Revenue

Gain insights into the drivers of your business to improve forecast accuracy.

The Recurring Revenue Model: Challenges and Best Practices

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Effortlessly Expand to International Markets

As your business grows globally, seamlessly enable management of multiple currencies, tax rules, and reporting requirements while maintaining visibility with NetSuite OneWorld.
  • Global accounting and consolidation
  • Comprehensive multicurrency management
  • Audit and compliance reporting
  • Comprehensive language support
  • Configurable tax engine
  • Instant visibility at the global and subsidiary level

Business Impact

Back Office Efficiency

Multi-currency management tools ensure reporting accuracy locally and globally.

Time to Close

Eliminate the complexity of managing multiple currencies and close the books faster.

Decision Support

Get unprecedented visibility of your business worldwide in real time.

CommVault Powers Global Growth with NetSuite OneWorld and SRP

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SFDC Integration

Leverage Your Existing CRM Investment with Salesforce Integration

Real-time connector for Salesforce integrates NetSuite's powerful order management and finance capabilities with your existing CRM for complete lead-to-cash automation.
  • Seamless integration from NetSuite ERP to Salesforce CRM.
  • 360-degree view of data throughout the lead-to-cash process.
  • Customisable fields and processes based on company workflow.
  • Uses the native Salesforce interface.
  • Quick and easy setup to ensure rapid business impact.

Business Impact

Sales Efficiency

Sales benefits from a 360-degree view into orders, payments and invoices.

Pipeline Management

Get up-to-date sales data from Salesforce CRM to support time sensitive business decisions.


Real-time data synch eliminates manual work and improves forecast accuracy.


Maximise the Value of Your Embedded Professional Services Team

Embedded Professional Services teams benefit from NetSuite PSA solutions designed to maximise resource allocation, elevate on-time delivery and streamline project accounting.
  • Improve utilisation with resource management.
  • Gain visibility into project management.
  • Automate billing and revenue recognition.
  • Easily manage time and expense.
  • Enable project accounting.

Business Impact

Project Profitability

Gain visibility into project profitability to inform decision making.

Resource Utilisation

Improve burn rates and ensure your resources are assigned to maximise value.

Customer Satisfaction

Elevate on-time delivery through increased visibility into all aspects of your PS business.

Professional Services Automation Buyer's Guide

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Future-Proof Your Investment with Powerful Tools for Customisation and Extension

The SuiteCloud platform provides a range of customisation tools to extend NetSuite to fit your unique business needs—now and as your business challenges evolve.
  • Point-and-click application configuration
  • Click-not-code workflow engine
  • Scripting solutions for building new apps and processes
  • SOAP-based web-services for integration with existing applications
  • Real time role-based dashboards
  • Pre-built and ad-hoc reporting with ODBC access across customisations

Business Impact

Back Office Efficiency

Automate processes unique to your business to further increase efficiencies.

Real-time Visibility

Integrate NetSuite with other critical business systems to create one system of record.

Decision Support

Improve decision making with advanced analytics and reporting across the organisation.

SuiteCloud Platform

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