Box Integration with NetSuite Provides Robust Solution

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Industry: SaaS Platform Integration

Enterprise organisations are seeking limber solutions that enable them to maximise resources by integrating innovative software with custom packages. Cloud-based content management and file sharing services continue to reshape the business landscape. Since it was founded in 2005, Box has been a leader in the field, developing strong relationships with Fortune 500 companies like Proctor & Gamble, Nationwide, and Clear Channel. Now, more than 15 million users rely on Box to streamline their content management and file sharing strategy.

On-premise servers and storage solutions have become archaic. As a SaaS technology, organisations can use Box's open cloud solution to assemble their file-sharing architecture to integrate with existing systems. The Box platform features a customisable API that enables enterprise to build exclusive applications and develop industry-specific processes. Users can then customise their experience to get the most from their content, including the secure storage of valuable files within the cloud. Box provides a scalable solution that can grow with company needs.

Box's partnership with NetSuite began in 2010. At the time, NetSuite was looking to offer customers a file sharing system that delivered a broader set of capabilities than their current file cabinet application. By embedding Box into their SuiteApp platform, NetSuite was able to provide ERP customers a more robust, streamlined, and elegant solution.

For Box, the partnership met a strategic goal of working with the experts in cloud services. The exposure that resulted from joining the NetSuite umbrella enabled Box to expand their reach to other cloud-based companies.

Deep Integration a Core Advantage

NetSuite's SaaS model pulls together core necessities like CRM, ERP, eCommerce, and more. These bundled solutions are designed to create a seamless experience. Box's deep integration into NetSuite ensures that users, capitalising on NetSuite's valuable, single sign-on solution, have access to the most complete package of enterprise resources.

Box leveraged their Embed technology into NetSuite's administrative console level, providing users easy access to Box content from within NetSuite. That deep integration supplies customers with the greatest level of flexibility when working with their content. Within NetSuite, Box users can edit, share and preview all documents, delivering an unmatched level of control.

"By accessing Box through NetSuite, end users have the ability to do more with their content," said Molly Rose, Software Alliances Manager, Box. "NetSuite provides massive advantages. The workflow is more natural, deployment is simpler, and all output remains linked and trackable."

Partnership Opens Doors for Increased Opportunities

The open partnership between NetSuite and Box has been mutually beneficial. Box has found opportunities to successfully pair up with NetSuite sales teams to identify potential new customers. NetSuite has supported Box's transparent knowledge sharing and expansion within the cloud ecosystem.

Box has thoroughly appreciated the benefits of its strong relationship with NetSuite. "Perhaps what we appreciate most is the engagement NetSuite delivers across teams," said Karen Appleton, Vice President of Business Development, Box. "NetSuite consistently comes up with innovative partner programs that elevate the ways in which we can achieve results. NetSuite has done a magnificent job of creating standards, establishing trust, and achieving creative solutions that have positively impacted our bottom line."

About Box

Box was founded on a simple, powerful idea: People should be able to access and share their content from anywhere. Since 2005, Box has helped more than 15 million individuals, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies do just that. Box wants to reinvent what businesses can do with their content through its content sharing platform, made for a new kind of worker, a new kind of workplace, and a new kind of IT. For more information about Box, visit in new tab).