Middle Eastern Logistics Business Increases Revenue 30 Percent with International Expansion

Al Sharqi, a logistics company that moves and delivers goods via air, sea and road, has seen year-on-year revenue growth of around 30 percent and a volume increase of 15 percent to over 15,000 containers transported during the last year. With offices in the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan and Tanzania, as well as a wide network of around 200 partners throughout the globe, the growing business is now able to manage complex supply chains, handle multiple currency billings and comply with newly introduced VAT regulations for United Arab Emirates.

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“NetSuite streamlines various departments—from finance and operations to sales and logistics—to monitor progress and get things done quickly. With lots of personalised dashboards, it’s very visual and obvious what needs to be done to improve performance. Using an implementation partner like KPI gave us a local perspective and helped with customizing to meet our specific needs.” Kashif Rafiq, CEO, Al Sharqi Shipping

International Shipping Made Smooth

Helping business grow
The Al Sharqi company motto is “helping you grow” and the business itself has grown for the past 29 years. CEO Kashif Rafiq says that this can only be achieved by providing great customer service. It aims to add a dozen new clients every year and handle all their supply chain requirements. As well as shipping goods, Al Sharqi provides warehousing and logistics services, 24/7 tracking and support with fast-track entry through customs.
Advanced technology for global ambitions
For a company which prides itself on working around the clock with more than 100 employees and in three time zones, Al Sharqi turned to NetSuite OneWorld to help manage an increasingly complex global business. After opening new offices in Africa and Pakistan, the company has its sights firmly fixed on expanding into Asia and required a system that would cope with any future requirements and handle rapid expansion.
Managing VAT transition and automating tasks
After a transition to new rules regarding VAT compliance in the region, NetSuite helped Al Sharqi deal seamlessly with calculating complicated tax rules and avoid detailed knowledge of intricate tax laws. Rafiq said: “Managing logistics in duty-free countries usually means having to handle a lot of operational issues. It avoided a lot of panic that other business seemed to be struggling with.”

The new, automated system has reduced the time it takes to batch invoice an increasing number of customers: previously, this took eight people around five days, now, the entire process has been reduced to between six and eight hours. This enabled Al Sharqi to halve the number of people employed full-time to handle invoicing and has improved the cash conversion cycle.


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