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AMC liquidators transforms employee engagement and recruiting with NetSuite TribeHR

Fast-Growing Furniture Reseller Realises Unprecedented Efficiency

SAN MATEO, Calif.—October 9, 2014—NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N), the industry's leading provider of cloud-based financials / ERP and omnichannel commerce suites, today announced that AMC Liquidators, one of the premier commercial and residential furniture liquidators in the U.S., has deployed NetSuite's TribeHR human capital management (HCM) system to transform its human resources management, complementing its NetSuite ERP that replaced Sage and QuickBooks, and which AMC has been using to run its mission-critical retail business processes from financials, inventory management, POS, order management to CRM—all in the cloud. AMC Liquidators has been able to remove time-consuming and cumbersome manual paper-based HR management processes with the NetSuite cloud-based TribeHR HCM suite. NetSuite TribeHR has given AMC Liquidators new capabilities to substantially improve workforce morale and productivity with such features as a social recognition system, skills tracking, goal-setting and employee performance reviews. AMC Liquidators also uses NetSuite TribeHR for time tracking, calendaring and to provide a transparent Organisational chart.

As a result of this modernization effort, AMC Liquidators, who was featured in the Travel Channel's Hotel Impossible, has eliminated paper-based manual processes and improved its recruiting efficiency fourfold, for a workforce that scales its full-time personnel to as much as 300% with temporary workers.

Based outside of Fort Lauderdale in South Florida, an area with a highly competitive labour market, AMC Liquidators is better able to attract and retain valued employees in a collaborative environment that promotes employee recognition, skills development and the pursuit of strategic goals. AMC Liquidators CEO Michael Grimme commented on NetSuite TribeHR: "What attracted us to TribeHR was its affordability and scalability, and because it's all in one place, it's incredibly efficient. I definitely believe we've improved retention and morale—our employees are much more engaged with TribeHR and we're able to communicate with them effectively and efficiently. The ROI is definitely there for us with TribeHR."

NetSuite TribeHR gives AMC Liquidators a platform to recruit, manage and reward its workforce while improving administrative efficiency compared to its previous manual processes. The implementation of the rich, social NetSuite TribeHR HCM solution builds on the success that AMC Liquidators has realised running the NetSuite ERP cloud business management solution for its fast-moving and complex business. Key NetSuite TribeHR features that AMC Liquidators has found especially valuable include:

Streamlined recruiting. NetSuite TribeHR centralises and coordinates AMC Liquidators' recruitment processes over multiple channels so that all applications received are routed into the centralised applicant tracking system, providing a single record of all recruiting interactions and at-a-glance views of résumés and candidate assessments.

Employee kudos. NetSuite TribeHR's feature that enables personnel to publicly post kudos recognizing the contributions of their colleagues has improved both employee retention and morale at AMC Liquidators.

Skills inventory. AMC Liquidators uses NetSuite TribeHR's skill inventory feature to track skills of its workforce and identify areas for improvement. The feature also allows employees to size up their skill sets and how they could add additional skills to increase their value and worth to the company.

Employee performance reviews. Out-of-the-box performance review functionality in NetSuite TribeHR helps AMC Liquidators follow a systematic step-by-step process for greater consistency in evaluating employee performance, coordinate input from reviewers and identify areas of strength and weakness.

Organisation charts and jobs roles. An in-depth Organisational chart that updates automatically when new employees are added helps both existing personnel and new hires quickly understand company structure, while centralization of job role descriptions makes it easy for AMC Liquidators to post new job openings.

About AMC Liquidators
AMC Liquidators is one of the premier commercial and residential furniture liquidators in the U.S.—and the only one to specialise in both. AMC continually acquires fine furnishings and room décor from 4 & 5 star hotels, as well as excess inventories and closeouts of new fine furnishings from interior decorators and manufacturers. AMC Liquidators offers these distinguished furnishings to the public and to businesses, locally through their retail outlets and nationally and internationally by tractor trailer load and sea container at reasonable prices. AMC purchases furniture from offices that are moving, renovating or closing. The company also sells excess inventories of high-quality new furniture for home and office from the world's largest business-to-business services. Visit AMC Liquidators at

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