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Lift Off: Easy Living Home Elevators Shares Its Cloud ERP Implementation Lessons

Tom Hansford, Content Specialist
October 1, 2020

CEO and founder of Easy Living Home Elevators, Robert Pizzie, has come a long way since he started the company in 2002. “It's a bigger business than I ever imagined,” he told NetSuite. “And as you grow, you tend to start to put pressure on your systems and your people, and the first thing that goes are your people.”

This realisation was a turning point for Pizzie. He knew that he needed to move on from MYOB and find a business management solution that would support his team and his plans for expansion. “If you've got clunky, labour-intensive systems, you just break people,” he said. “We knew that we'd reached our limit with the size of the business based on our systems, and we couldn't grow anymore.”

Elevated Demands

As one of Australia's most trusted providers of home elevators, Easy Living has grown into a complex operation over the past 22 years, comprising six separate businesses, four offices and over 100 staff members. Working primarily on MYOB, Easy Living's finance team had to manually input data from each business entity in each state, making monthly reporting time consuming and prone to error. 

Easy Living chose NetSuite’s cloud ERP because it wanted instant access to reports, an automated inventory management system and it wanted to free up time for value-added tasks, relieving the pressure on its finance team. 

Implementation Lessons

The business went live with NetSuite in April 2020. Having followed some established ERP implementation best practices, Pizzie is now able to look back and identify some of the key reasons the ERP implementation plan went so well. 

“Definitely put the time into producing a specification document, which makes sure that it sets the goals of what you want to achieve in the system,” he said.  “We found that really, really important and so glad we took the time to produce that.”

The business took full advantage of its NetSuite training, ensuring the Easy Living team were ready to utilise the new system and processes from day one.

“We had several training sessions, all included in the implementation price, so that got everyone up to speed,” he said. “We put teams together that were working on different parts of the NetSuite implementation.”

These teams got exposure to the NetSuite modules that were relevant to them, meaning they could give feedback and offer insights before the implementation went live. “People accept that which they help create,” Pizzie said. “Being part of building the system meant that they accepted it better [when it went live].”

Lift Off

The business is already seeing tangible benefits, with month-end reporting taking just six days—down from two weeks—freeing up more time for the CFO and finance team to focus on innovation and expansion.

"With NetSuite, it's just been seamless," Pizzie said. “The fact that we are now in a position where we can grow and scale the business is amazing.” 

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Watch the video below for more highlights from our chat with Robert Pizzie.