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Hear from Oracle NetSuite executives including Co-Founder and EVP Evan Goldberg as well as guest speakers including Stephen J. Dubner (Co-Author of Freakonomics) and explore sessions covering everything from business best practices to getting the most out of the NetSuite platform.

Highlights Include:

  • Choose your own adventure with 20+ sessions available.
  • A huge line up of incredible customer speakers and industry leaders sharing their insights and experiences.

If you’re a CEO, CFO, entrepreneur, finance manager, or executive in operations, marketing, sales, ecommerce, or services—then this content is for you!


Discover the Power of NetSuite

NetSuite gives you financials, cash flow, payroll, inventory and more all in one place—so you have clear visibility and total control of your business. Plus, as NetSuite is native to the cloud, you have the flexibility to work from anywhere. In this session, learn how you can make smarter decisions with confidence with real-time visibility and insights into finance operations and sales. You'll also have the opportunity to hear from David Larkman, CFO of Pegasus Management about their experiences with NetSuite. Additionally, we'll cover how you can harness the power of NetSuite to transform your business with role-based functionality, fast and easy dashboards and more!

Knowing when to move on from accounting to business management software can be a critical decision to drive your next stage of growth.

This webinar will help you recognise when your accounting software is holding you back and how your business can capitalise on the benefits of having an integrated management solution.

Listen to learn:

  • Tell-tale signs your company is outgrowing its accounting system
  • The reasons separate systems create hidden headaches
  • How ERP improves management of processes
  • Why cloud ERP opens doors to new markets

Our panel will share their diverse experiences to help you move forward.

Last year Suite Pro Bono Project teams completed 350 projects with more than 300 unique Social Impact customers! From reporting and saved searches to SuiteAnalytics, we'll walk through some key nonprofit customer challenges and takeaways—and what your organization can learn from the resulting solutions. We'll also discuss how you can leverage our Suite Pro Bono services to realize even more value from your NetSuite implementation.

Build Resilience Into Your Business, Operations and Projects

Today’s manufacturers, distributors and retailers are challenged with operating increasingly complex and internationally distributed supply chains, rapidly changing market conditions and customer expectations, and need to continually find ways to innovate and maintain their competitive advantage. Join NetSuite experts for a live and interactive session with NetSuite customers, where they will discuss the importance and benefits of a modern, end-to-end supply chain, and how a cloud-based supply chain provides you the flexibility and visibility you need to stay agile in a changing environment.

We’ll wrap up by showing how NetSuite’s Supply Chain Control Tower allows you to monitor your supply chain, identify predicted risks, and take recommended actions to avoid potential inventory disruptions.

Professional service organisations have been dealing with a new challenge this year, most notably empowering their employees to work remotely. In order to streamline key business processes like project management and resource planning, organizations have turned to professional services automation solutions to boost operational efficiency and improve resource utilization.

Join us for a conversation with Tim Murton (CFO, SYPAQ Systems) as we discuss how integrating professional services automation (PSA) with your financials can streamline your business operations while empowering remote workers, and providing the robust PSA functionality you need.

The most innovative customer experience can be negated in an instant if a company can’t deliver the product purchased accurately and quickly. With hundreds, or even thousands of SKUs to manage, this can quickly become a manual, chaotic and inefficient process.

Join this session where you will hear from NetSuite customers, how they identified the need for a warehouse management solution (WMS), and learn how NetSuite’s WMS optimizes warehouse operations, eliminating manual processes, to more efficiently run your warehouse and minimize handling costs.

Delivering transparency is becoming increasingly important across many industries, but nowhere is it more important than for professional services. So, what have the best professional services companies done to build agility and transparency within their organisation?

Join us for a conversation with Michael Quill, Executive Director at Ampion (formerly Revolution IT), as we discuss Services in the "New Normal".

While many companies have been through turbulent times this year, some have discovered new found resilience. It isn't just about surviving, however. Hear from NetSuite customer Josco on building long-term success. They'll delve into financial visibility, automation and process improvement, and business continuity measures. Join us for this exciting fireside chat – and gain practical insights about becoming more resilient in 2021.

With today’s changing landscape in supply chain and commerce, businesses realised one more time the need to plan ahead and put the right processes and systems in place for streamlined operations. Mike Small from OZNaturals, a manufacturer of natural skincare products with B2B and DTC sales channels and fulfillment operations, will share his experience on how they built resilient, scalable and efficient operations around NetSuite from the ground up. By automating key business processes with integration, OZNaturals quickly responded to sudden changes in the market, while being able to support growth with at-hand resources.

Topics will include:

  • Challenges of running supply chain operations
  • How to plan for scalability, efficiency and resiliency
  • How automating business processes around NetSuite helped OZNaturals to tackle obstacles and grow
  • The OZNaturals NetSuite integration journey

Elevate Your CRM, Commerce and Communications

Combining your CRM and ERP gives you a 360-degree view of your customer at your fingertips. In turn, this enables real-time decision making and a customer experience like no other. During this session, hear from NetSuite domain experts and customers and learn how with NetSuite CRM, companies are able to deliver exceptional customer experience throughout the customer lifecycle; from the early stages of lead management all the way to fulfillment and post-sales support.

The progression of online shopping has been staggering and if you haven’t yet unified your digital and physical sales, there’s never been a better time. Join us as we discuss the changing retail market scape and how SuiteCommerce Advanced, the full-featured ecommerce solution from Oracle NetSuite, allows you to take your customer experience to the next level, both in-store and online.

Business Forward

From quarantines to massive economic stress, from hurricanes to wildfires and so much more, 2020 has been a year of enormous upheaval. Steven Dubner, podcaster and co-author of the bestselling book, Freakonomics, has been carefully watching it all, researching and trying to understand its ramifications using his unique approach, which tries to understand how incentives impact economic systems.

Join Evan Goldberg for this fireside chat with Dubner. They’ll discuss a wide-ranging series of topics, including:

  • How the old rules of business had already ceased to apply, but the pandemic has brought that into stark relief.
  • From Amazon buying space in malls to the rise of telehealth, and what jobs are coming back (and which ones aren’t).
  • The move from rural to urban areas has been underway for generations, but COVID-19 is reversing it. How long will that last and what does it mean for work, the economy and population density?
  • What the Great Recession and the Great Depression can—and can’t—teach us about COVID-19’s impact on the economy.
  • How COVID-19 will change the game on drug research, the food supply, education and entertainment.

It’s safe to say the role of CFO has evolved. Today, finance leaders are involved in business transformation, driving innovation and spearheading strategy, amongst an array of other responsibilities. So what skills are required to perform the role now and what will CFOs of the future need to succeed? In this panel discussion, you’ll discover unique insights from leading APAC CFOs, as they discuss the evolution of the role in recent times, the impact of technology on finance teams, planning and forecasting during times of uncertainty, and how technology will impact the CFO of the future.

Entrepreneurs come from a broad range of backgrounds. Their motivations for setting up their businesses are numerous, and their view of 'success' varies significantly. However, what unifies all entrepreneurs is their desire to do things differently. To disrupt, to ask questions and to change the face of whichever industry they are in. In this panel discussion, we'll chat with leading APAC entrepreneurs about a range of topics including motivations for starting their business, lessons from 2020, how technology has supported their success, what they wish they knew when they were starting out, and the plans for the future and the role technology will play.

Best of the Suite: Tips from the Experts

Join us to learn what’s new in NetSuite 2020.2 for YOU. Hear from NetSuite domain experts as they share updates to core financials, including Invoice Grouping, automatic transaction posting from bank statements and more! Plus, we’ll be delving into service-centric updates, including sequential liabilities management, pre-built integration to Oracle Content and Experience, improvements to the Work Breakdown Structure and more.Join us to learn what’s new in NetSuite 2020.2 for YOU. Hear from NetSuite domain experts as they share updates to core financials, including Invoice Grouping, automatic transaction posting from bank statements and more! Plus, we’ll be delving into service-centric updates, including sequential liabilities management, pre-built integration to Oracle Content and Experience, improvements to the Work Breakdown Structure and more.

Join us to learn what’s new in NetSuite 2020.2 for YOU. Hear from NetSuite domain experts as they share the latest information for product-centric updates, including the new Material Requirements Planning (MRP) engine, Planning Workbench, using Warehouse Management with no Bins, Quality Management and Supply Allocations with Inbound Shipments.

With SuiteCloud Infrastructure, you can take advantage of NetSuite's know-how in the cloud to ensure you're running your applications with complete confidence. In this session, we'll be discussing the benefits of SuiteCloud Infrastructure and how our scalable infrastructure & application architecture can help your business grow in the cloud.

Are you new to SuiteAnalytics Workbook? Would you like to learn more about how to get the most out of this powerful new feature? In this session we will cover the basics and how to create pivot tables and charts to bring your data to life for easier consumption and decision making. You will learn how to leverage sample workbooks, share workbooks and create a new workbook. We will build a data set and use those fields to create a pivot table and chart.

Financials, Budgeting and Planning Made Easy

Hear how Depatie Fluid Power Company has leveraged NetSuite Planning and Budgeting for more accurate scenario planning and decision-making within today's changing economy. You'll also learn how to create dynamic dashboards that deliver the business-critical information you need for better decision-making. We'll show you how to build dashboards from the ground up and expand on SuiteSuccess out-of-the-box dashboards with NetSuite Planning and Budgeting.

Compliance means never getting complacent. In this session, we will showcase how to stay on top of the latest accounting regulations with NetSuite. Join to see how revenue management can help you remain compliant in the face of shifting accounting standards.


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