Customer Service Management

Customer Portal

Customer self-service is now the channel of choice for today's customers. They expect a customer self-service portal that provides a convenient way to post service issues, place new orders, or view their order histories.  A customer portal lets you stay open for business 24/7 around the world and delivers a high-quality, high-touch experience for customers while reducing the cost of customer care.

With NetSuite CRM+ customer portal, you provide your customers with highly personalised, interactive service on the Web. Your customers will be able to receive answers to their questions, complete transactions, submit support issues, or query your knowledge base. And with an open line of communication and a range of self-service options, you'll boost customer satisfaction as well as long-term retention—both of which translate into greater profits.


  • Empower customers with unprecedented control over their purchase decisions, real-time access to such data as order status, order status tracking and return authorisations, driving more return visits and greater customer loyalty
  • Stay open for business 24/7 around the world, while also providing cost-effective customer self-service options to your customers
  • Allow customers to report a problem, or request information, with a simple e-mail, simplifying case creation and expediting customer requests
  • Customised content enables you to create a true one-to-one marketing platform, letting you publish information to specific prospects, customers, or entire groups.  


  • Customers can enter trouble tickets by logging onto your site, rather than calling or e-mailing you. They can access content that's been customised just for them, and can easily access relevant support documentation
  • Customers can request support or information by simply sending an e-mail to a designated address, using online forms in the Customer Center, or calling customer support
  • Password-protected access to key customer support tools, such as the NetAnswers Knowledge Base, gives customers the information they need, when they need it
  • Customers can update their own profiles, view their order histories, check order status and place new orders around the clock
  • After a service request has been made, the system automatically sends customers a confirmation of receipt and a case number.

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