Getting an accurate view of the organisation is challenging. Information is stored across multiple, separate systems and manual data management processes are time- consuming and error-prone. From the executive level to the front lines, efficient decision-making is compromised without having dependable and timely information available.

NetSuite Business Intelligence offers the power of built-in, real-time financial dashboards, reporting and analysis across all the unified processes within the software platform. Understanding true value-added insights, business users gain instant visibility to identify key issues, trends and opportunities and immediately drill down to the underlying transaction to take appropriate action.

Key Benefits

  • Instant transparency into company performance across all business functions—from summary to transaction level.
  • One version of truth with all of your data located in a single central source.
  • Personalised experience with easy-to-use reporting tools without needing programming or technical resources.
  • Anywhere access via web browser and mobile device.

Customer Quote

"We now trust our numbers—and that improves our ability to collaborate and make better decisions."

James Jones, Director of FP&A, KANA Software

Customer Quote

"The dashboard is my favorite thing about NetSuite. I am always on the road, but never far from all of our key business indicators."

Greg Reyneke, General Manager, Intermountain Soft Water

Customer Quote

"NetSuite gives us a visibility into our business and an accountability that would be impossible for a company of our size to get any other way."

Rex Harrison, CFO, i-solutions Global Ltd.