Blog Publishing Leader Consolidates Information for 8 Properties, Reduces Bookkeeping Costs by 20% with NetSuite

Gawker Media

"We'd predicted 2009 would be a down year, but ended up with significant year-over-year growth. We now have more than 20 million monthly readers, and good part of that success comes from our improved operations efficiency." Gawker Media

Company at a Glance

New York, NY
Online Publishing
Applications Replaced:
QuickBooks, Excel


NetSuite OneWorld

Customer Success:

  • Enjoying significant year-over-year growth, even during the 2009 recession.
  • Integrated accounts payable and receivable processes cut bookkeeping costs by 20%.
  • Integrated order-to-accounts payable processes maximize cash on hand.
  • Production of detailed business reports take seconds, rather than hours.
  • Fast, consolidated information access lets Gawker continually improve advertising contracts.
  • Scalability and speed of implementation provides Gawker team with confidence that any future acquisitions will be up and running quickly.


  • Operational inefficiencies hindered Gawker's ability to exploit growing popularity.
  • Difficulty optimizing complex, multi-dimensional advertising contracts utilizing QuickBooks and spreadsheets.
  • Lack of consolidated financial information led to inefficient billing processes.


  • NetSuite OneWorld rolls up Gawker's 8 blog properties and associated websites into 5 subsidiaries, which include multiple countries and currencies.
  • NetSuite implemented in just 60 days.
  • A dozen executive dashboards deliver real-time views of ad revenues, AP/AR employees, contractors, and other information.