ESET Increases Ecommerce Revenues Tenfold With NetSuite

"We have been able to customize NetSuite to meet most of our needs, faster and at a lower price than we would have with any other system. "

—John Tannone, Director of Business Systems, ESET


  • Increased monthly E-store orders from 4,000 to 30,000 in 4 years with NetSuite Ecommerce
  • Ecommerce sales revenue increased 10-fold since adopting NetSuite
  • Managing over 1,000 customer support contacts daily with reduced error rate and greater efficiency, slowing growth of support staff even as volumes grow
  • Tightened anti-fraud controls, leading to reduction in chargebacks by a factor of 8.


  • Business multiplied annually, outgrowing constraints of small-office software
  • Previous solutions offered no unified view of customer records, leading to mishandled inquiries
  • Former shopping cart lacked sophisticated activity and abandonment analysis
  • ESET needed enterprise-grade infrastructure without adding IT staff
  • Wanted highly flexible solution without typical high ERP costs.


  • 200 NetSuite users for Financials, CRM and Ecommerce — all integrated, providing timely insight to month-end P/L, avoiding point solutions
  • Customer support, lead gen, and sales routing all automated in NetSuite
  • Partners and resellers access NetSuite through Customer Center
  • Promotional codes and referral program via NetSuite Web services.

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