NetSuite uses a proven methodology based on best practices gleaned from a broad range of experiences in deploying the NetSuite solution to our customers. Called NetSuite One, this formal methodology is a phased approach. The methods deployed are those that have most greatly benefited thousands of Australian customers in their implementations.

NetSuite One is composed of activities logically grouped into seven distinct stages, which support the long-term success of the NetSuite deployment, making it easier to deliver management and control during the lifecycle of a project.

Not all projects, or professional service engagements, will always use all stages and complete all the activities outlined in this methodology. This staged approach has been designed to be flexible enough to allow individual requirements to be correctly addressed and for methods and techniques to be selected and implemented as required.

This methodology is used for various implementation options offered by SuiteConsulting.

NetSuite One


Phase Objective

Key Deliverables

Initiate arrow “Getting organised”
  • Project objectives
  • Functional scope
Analyse arrow “What are the needs of your business”
  • Business requirements
  • Project workplan
Design arrow “How NetSuite addresses your business needs”
  • Customisation Solution Design
  • Integration Design
Configure arrow “Adapting NetSuite to your business”
  • NetSuite customisations
  • Data migration details
Validate arrow “Are you ready to run your business on NetSuite?”
  • A production ready solution
Deploy arrow “Run your business on NetSuite”
  • Migrate Data
  • End-user training
Optimise arrow “Learn from your implementation”
  • Transition to NetSuite support

Included in each phase are:

  • Description of tasks
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Sample deliverables
  • Best practices