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Web to Lead Forms

Streamline the Lead Generation Process by Capturing New Web Leads

NetSuite CRM Web to Lead Forms enables you to increase the flow of new sales leads and accelerate lead to opportunity conversion by creating web forms which automatically integrate with NetSuite CRM in real time. As soon as your prospect submits a form, the lead details and other critical information routes immediately to the right sales person to start the follow-up process, and eliminate any possible lead leakage. Your sales team gets leads instantly and gains access to detailed intelligence in real time to help them quickly respond.

Key Benefits

  • Save time by capturing leads from your web site and populate CRM automatically in real time.
  • Simplify lead distribution by assigning captured marketing leads to the right sales representatives with a powerful routing engine.
  • Help your sales team quickly respond to leads by providing detailed information, increasing conversion efficiency.
  • Increase sales productivity with detailed analysis of interactions, including phone calls, automatically generated follow-up tasks, meetings and notes.