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CRM Campaign Management

Plan and Execute Targeted, Measurable Campaigns End-to-End with Cloud CRM Software

NetSuite Campaign Management allows marketers to easily plan, create and keep track of highly targeted marketing campaigns in a single application. Effectively plan and execute your campaigns based on deep customer insights including demographics, purchase trends, response patterns and support histories. With NetSuite campaign management, you can continually fine-tune your campaigns to maximise ROI with ability to track results in real time.

Key Benefits

  • Quickly and easily create marketing campaigns—including email, direct mail, events and comprehensive multi-channel campaigns—in one cloud-based application.
  • Improve marketing performance by tracking and analysing marketing campaign statistics and ROI from start to finish.
  • Segment your data to deliver the right message of your products and services to the right prospect at the right time. Drive sales impact by categorisng and assessing the number of interactions required to move a qualified lead through your sales process.
  • Create quick campaigns through templates.