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Commerce Marketing

Commerce Marketing Automation

When email marketing is used as a part of your commerce marketing strategy, it's a revenue-generating powerhouse. The Bronto Marketing Platform uses data, such as carts, orders and product details to create automated, personalized post-purchase campaigns, abandoned cart campaigns, loyalty programs, cross- and up-sells, and more. And studies show that consumers purchase and engage more when they receive this kind of consistent, coordinated and personalized messaging. Bronto enables the delivery of timely, relevant, data-driven digital marketing that fuels engagement throughout the customer lifecycle.

Key Benefits

  • Increase revenue with targeted email and omnichannel marketing.
  • Build a scalable, segmented marketing database for data-driven marketing.
  • Save time with highly automated campaigns triggered by customer actions.
  • Leverage past-purchase data to drive customer loyalty and lifetime value.
  • Connect with mobile consumers via responsive design and SMS messaging.

Campaign Management

Leverage a full suite of easy-to-use tools to manage every aspect of your email and omnichannel marketing programs.

  • Intuitive interface.
  • Drag and drop automation.
  • Tracking and reporting.

Marketing Database

Build a scalable database as the foundation for data-driven marketing. Turn your customer insights into revenue.

Lifecycle Marketing

Turn cart abandoners and one-time buyers into repeat customers. Now you are in control of the customer lifecycle.


Design mobile-friendly email and SMS campaigns. Grow your list with Text-To-Join. Quickly and easily connect with your mobile customers.

  • Responsive design.
  • SMS messaging.
  • Text-To-Join.


Cart Recovery

Capture revenue from abandoned shopping carts.

  • Simplify the initial program sign-up.
  • Automate regular shipments and payments.
  • Deliver rapid membership services and changes.
  • Maximize stick rates.


Create precise, dynamic segments displayed with an intuitive user interface.

  • Target recent purchasers with cross- and up-sell items.
  • Re-engage lapsed purchasers with coupons.
  • Focus on first-time buyers to grow customer lifetime value.
  • Target consumers based on their geographic location.


Combine business logic, behavior filtering, multiple channels and a wide range of actions to visually orchestrate campaign workflows with a drag-and-drop canvas.

  • Use customer events to automatically trigger campaigns.
  • Automate lifecycle campaigns based on order history.
  • Create campaigns that combine email, mobile and social.

Tracking and Reporting

Measure, analyze and optimize your campaigns throughout the customer lifecycle with precise data tracking and reporting.

  • Get real-time activity snapshots of campaign performance.
  • Easily create and export a wide range of actionable reports.
  • Compare messages and campaigns across key dimensions.