Fast, Engaging Web Stores on Any Device

SuiteCommerce provides a flexible, very fast and open web store front-end solution enabling richly branded, highly personalised and engaging shopping experiences that will delight your customers, drive conversion and accelerate your business growth. Built upon a modern, scalable and extendable HTML and JavaScript architecture, SuiteCommerce supports pixel-perfect design, unlimited layout control and the ability to enable rich seamless commerce experiences across any device.

Key Benefits

  • Build the most intuitive and relevant experiences with capabilities such as dynamic imaging and zooms, multiple image views, ratings and reviews, quick views, and more.
  • Provide your shoppers a consistent brand experience by maintaining full branding and creative control over your site.
  • Extend your relationship with your customers to any device, including mobile and tablets.

Commerce Everywhere

Expand Your Business

Different business models. Support B2B and B2C commerce on the same single cloud platform.

Multiple web stores from one platform. Each site can have its own domain, products, language, currency and branding.

Go global. With support for multiple languages, currencies, taxes/VAT, subsidiaries and international shipping prices and customs documentation, you are able to sell globally with automatic accounting and roll-up for international and domestic subsidiaries.

Reach a wider customer base. Publish your products on shopping comparison engines. Use some or all of your items to sell on different marketplaces and at different prices.

Responsive design. Build sites that display elegantly across multiple devices, from smartphones to tablets to laptops to desktops.

Uniquely Branded and Engaging Shopping Experiences

Differentiate Your Brand and Exceed Customer Expectations

Easy to get started. A prebuilt, best-in-class foundation shopping site can be used as an out-of-the-box solution or as a cornerstone to enhance and customise.

Extremely fast. AJAX architecture, edge caching and a content delivery network (Akamai CDN) provide a fast, scalable site.

Design flexibility. Pixel-perfect design capabilities and unlimited layout control.

Rich Shopping Interactivity

Make Buying Easy

Quick view. Let customers quickly view product information and add to their shopping cart while looking at a search results or a category page.

Recently viewed items. Logged-in visitors returning to your site can see the products they viewed during their last visit.

Social sharing. Grow user engagement by encouraging shoppers to share through social networks.

Mini cart. Let shoppers view a summary of their shopping cart from any page.

Visual merchandising. Offer zooms and multiple alternate images.

Reviews and ratings. Increase your online community, cultivate brand evangelists and improve your SEO.

View by. Let shoppers choose how to display items on a page.

Pricing & Promotions

Set the Right Prices and Incentives to Buy

Integrated, closed-loop marketing. Run multiple types of marketing campaigns—email, paid search or direct mail—and automatically track their lifetime revenue and profitability.

Cart Abandonment. Know who abandoned a shopping cart and its contents, enabling you to follow up with an email with a coupon for the items abandoned.

Coupons and promotions. Increase traffic with flexible coupon and promotion management tools.

Personalised experiences. Dynamically segment customers to provide personalised and unique merchandising and promotions based on individual behaviour, demographics, purchases and more.

Automated upsell and cross-sell. Display upsell and cross-sell recommendations based on what other customers have purchased, encouraging increase sales and order size.

Multiple price lists. Set pricing rules to specify sites, stores, customers, products and categories.

Search & Navigation

Let Customers Easily Find the Products They Want

Dynamic merchandising. Provide upsells, cross-sells and related products based on merchant-driven rules such as location, browsing behaviour, items in cart, best sellers or higher margin items.

Search engine optimisation. Customise meta keywords, descriptions and titles for each product and category; generate SEO-friendly URLs and breadcrumbs.

Multi-faceted navigation. Guide shoppers to find the products they want with selection check boxes, price slider, colour swatches and more.

Site search. High performance search provides incredible -fast speed and relevant search results. Search on any product field or description. Customise search criteria settings using exact, starts with, partial or fuzzy matches to optimise results.

Searchandise. Promote products in search results based on specific search keywords and phrases or leverage product attributes such as top sellers, top rated and new arrivals.

Close the Sale

Fast, Flexible and Secure Checkout

Flexible checkout. Customise checkout to be any number of steps, including one page. Checkout with an account or a guest account.

Local shipping options. Facilitate delivery with integration with carriers for automatic price look up and tracking information.

Multiple payment options. Manage payments with complete integration with credit card processors to provide PCI compliant, end-to-end payment processes. Leverage safety and fraud prevention mechanisms including CVV checks, address verifications and integration to CyberSource Fraud Manager service.

Customer service. Provide strong customer self-service capabilities for common queries and changes with case management, workflows and full order modification capability for customer service.

Run Your Business Better

Single Commerce Platform in the Cloud

Business intelligence, analytics and reporting. Configurable dashboards for various roles provide key metrics at a glance. Gain visibility and intelligence into any part of your organisation, including web store, payments, order management, fulfilment and customer service with NetSuite ecommerce platform features.

Optimise inventory. Real-time, global inventory visibility across multiple locations, including retail stores, is key to providing a buy anywhere, fulfil anywhere experience for your customers.

Fulfil orders quickly and effectively. Manage orders from multiple channels—POS, Web, call centre, mobile, kiosk—all in one place.