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Customer Relationship Management Software That Drives Satisfaction across Every Customer Touchpoint

Customer Management Software

Australia's best-in-class customer relationship management software and support helps you to not only lower costs and improve customer retention, but with the right processes, it can be a crucial tool for attracting new customers, upselling and driving more revenue.

NetSuite CRM+ web based customer management software gives you a cloud computing solution that's integrated with all other NetSuite functions. Only NetSuite CRM software gives everyone that interfaces with the customer—sales, support, service and fulfilment —access to complete, key customer data in real time.

NetSuite's 360-degree view of your customers gives your service and support reps greater visibility into customer issues and empowers them upsell and cross-sell to drive more business. In addition, NetSuite's call centre capabilities help you assign, track and escalate cases to serve customers faster and more efficiently. Delivered "through the cloud" to any web browser, NetSuite CRM+ software ensures anytime, anywhere access to customer relationship management information, making it ideal for remote call centres and workers.


  • Track customer service and customer satisfaction in real time to address problems immediately and enable better customer retention
  • Provide support teams with anytime, anywhere access to customer information— vital  for remote support employees
  • Link sales, service and fulfilment organisations to drive more revenue
  • Accelerate case resolution times by providing support staff with complete customer visibility
  • Improve response accuracy and lower response times with an integrated knowledge base
  • Use case escalation rules to ensure that your customers always receive the appropriate levels of support
  • Stay on top of your support team's performance with real-time case data delivered directly to your NetSuite dashboard.

Key Features

  • Case Management

    • Reduce costs and improve workflow by automating the business processes associated with customer support case assignment, management and escalation
    • Respond quickly to customer cases across a variety of mediums, including email, phone and fax
    • Log and analyse email communications for better customer service
    • Route and track support cases intelligently according to product, issue, case type, partner or customer, enabling efficient prioritisation and giving customers a specialist to properly address their concerns
    • Enable online case creation and self-service case updates.
  • Knowledge Base Software

    • Build an integrated online knowledge base to help customers effectively get the answers they need, when they need them
    • Provide customers and partners 24/7 access to customer service at a much lower cost than staffing your phone lines around the clock
    • Organise and publish information into different types and levels of topics and solutions
    • Give service reps instant access to a complete knowledge base, enabling them to respond faster to customer issues and reduce the learning curve for new reps.
  • Customer Portal

    • Provide customers with real-time access to data such as order status, order status tracking and return authorisations
    • Drive more return visits and boost customer loyalty
    • Offer customers the ability to enter trouble tickets online
    • Customise content to create a targeted one-to-one marketing platform, enabling you to publish information to specific prospects, customers or entire groups.
  • Time Tracking

    • Automate and streamline the time tracking process, consolidating it faster for reporting and billing
    • Maintain accurate customer records by managing time within your integrated CRM solution rather than in separate systems
    • Gain complete visibility into how your service and support teams are allocating their time
    • Track time more precisely using real-time metrics to improve time management practices.

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