The #1 Cloud-Based ERP/Financial Suite for Ecommerce Companies and E-tailers

NetSuite is Australia's only seamless business management suite and ecommerce software that enables you to run your whole organisation from the cloud.

Key Benefits

  • Real-time visibility and business intelligence across your entire organisation using customisable dashboards that enable you to make smarter, more agile profitability-based business decisions
  • Create a fully featured, database-driven website  and easily maintain content across multiple websites giving your customers an intuitive online shopping experience
  • Increase conversion rates and increase revenue through targeted, personalised marketing campaigns, shopping cart abandonment and automated cross-sell/up-sell recommendations
  • Accelerate customer satisfaction and retention with a real-time 360-degree view of your business that lets you address customer service issues more efficiently, market with personalised content and pricing, and offer 24/7 customer self-service
  • Conduct ecommerce around the globe with a best-of-breed cloud-based ecommerce system that gives you the ease to manage multi-language and multi-currency webstores and the complexity of shipping overseas.
  • Website Hosting

    NetSuite will provide complete website hosting for your website, or you can host it with another provider—either way, you benefit from dynamic database-driven content that ensures your site is always in sync with the rest of your business operations. With NetSuite you can also leverage tools and techniques for superior keyword and search engine optimisation (SEO).

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  • Webstore and Shopping Cart

    NetSuite's full-featured webstore capability provides an intuitive, user-friendly online shopping cart experience that helps you drive new sales, improve customer service and maximise repurchase revenue. You can handle different payment methods and currencies—including credit cards, PayPal Checkout, Google Checkout—and offer discounts and promotions.

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  • Ecommerce Platform

    The NetSuite Ecommerce system gives you the ability to customise your software and add new best-of-breed ecommerce systems that seamlessly integrate into the NetSuite business management suite. The platform provides the business agility you need to adapt to changing customer requirements and touchpoints.

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  • Multi-Channel Commerce

    Integrate every step of your multi-channel business, from ecommerce and order management to marketing, inventory and financials with NetSuite. Allow your customers to shop in one channel and pick up or return merchandise from another—and get excellent service at all points of sale.

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  • Global Ecommerce

    Extend your reach around the world with NetSuite's global ecommerce solution, which enables you to run and manage your business from a single cloud-based software solution. NetSuite also eliminates the delivery and shipping issues associated with global ecommerce by offering integrated UPS, FedEx®, and USPS shipping, including global rates and customs documentation.

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  • Web Marketing

    NetSuite Ecommerce has built-in marketing functionality that will assist you to drive new traffic to your website, convert that traffic to revenue, close abandoned shopping carts and retain existing customers. Promotional URLs, discounts and cross-selling are just some of the tools you can use to maximise the results of your marketing programs.

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  • Ecommerce Analytics

    NetSuite analytics provide you with a meaningful way to understand your data, allowing for timelier, smarter business decision-making. Customisable dashboards give you a complete real-time view of your website activity, customer shopping patterns and more. An array of financial reports lets you keep a finger on the pulse of your entire business operations.

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  • Ecommerce Financial and Order Management

    Remove the need for multiple disparate software applications and streamline all of your back-office processes across ecommerce inventory management, order management, billing and financial management. NetSuite Financials provides comprehensive, proven financial/ERP capabilities that integrate with your broader back-office, CRM, sales and service processes.

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  • Customer Service Management

    Provide exceptional customer service regardless of what channel your shoppers are interacting with, and deliver 24/7 global customer self-service to maximise satisfaction and drive down costs. With NetSuite, your sales and support organisation can view every transaction and interaction associated with a customer, whether they took place online or at a store.

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