Corporate Citizenship at NetSuite

Helping Charities and Social Enterprises Succeed

At NetSuite, we believe that being a good corporate citizen is about using the strengths and assets of our company to make a difference in the world. Through our corporate citizenship programs, we are aiming to make a lasting positive impact.

At, corporate citizenship comes down to two simple objectives: donating our suite of business software and leveraging the skills and passions of our global employee population to help grantees accomplish their mission.

With a product donation from NetSuite, you not only get the software, you also get the expertise and methodology. With its straightforward interface and cloud-computing architecture that doesn't require additional IT infrastructure, organisations can track donations, programs, projects, assets and volunteers from almost anywhere in the world. There's even an ecommerce solution so that you can take your online presence and make it work harder for you.

We recognise that an organisation's tax status doesn't dictate their social impact, so our software donations are available to both for-profit social enterprises and nonprofit organisations.

Program Details

SuiteImpact Teams

Giving back to the communities where we live and work is an important tenant for NetSuite. Our SuiteImpact Teams coordinate and execute community service and hands-on volunteering events in our global offices throughout the year.
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SuiteVolunteers grantees can apply for pro bono services through our SuiteVolunteers program. Each quarter, employees volunteer their time and skills to help grantees operate effectively, accelerating and expanding their impact.
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Social Enterprises Run on NetSuite

With NetSuite, social enterprises can deliver both profitability and impact by handling the challenges of supplier management and ecommerce, coupled with the flexibility to measure and manage social impact, offering seamless management of both bottom lines.
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Nonprofits Run on NetSuite

Charities need to measure, manage and report on their performance and outcomes in a transparent way that lets donors see how their donations are being used. NetSuite simplifies the administrative burden by storing financials, donors, operations and results in a single, web-based system.
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Get the details on NetSuite's donation program.
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Apply for Services

Access NetSuite volunteer pro bono services.
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Grantee Success

Read case studies of our grantees.
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